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Apple's Arguments Seem Pretty Valid Here

Apple's Arguments Seem Pretty Valid Here


Throughout the Apple-Samsung trial, I've often felt like Apple was acting hypocritically, calling Samsung out for copying design and software elements Apple had copied from others. However, today things have changed for me. I'm having a hard time standing up for Samsung when it comes to Apple's latest point: that the Korean company totally copied the design of their icons.

That's Apple's argument today and it's pretty hard to disagree. If you just take a look at the icons below (which were all created after the iPhone), you'll see that many elements – from color to graphics – have been copied from Apple's designs.The phone, settings and music icons – especially – are an embarassment. Especially when compared to stock Gingerbread and HTC Sense UI icons, Sammy's icons come across as total Apple imposters.



I think these images should give even the most rabid Android fanboy pause. The "note" icon is a near total rip-off, while the music icon looks insanely similar to Apple's old iTunes icon.

If you take a look at Gingerbread's stock icons, you can see that Google actively resisted copying any design elements from Apple:

If only Samsung had been so wise...

Source: CNET

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  • The similarities in the Icons between Samsung & Apple could be debated 'til the end of time (its on level with Microsoft & Apple's Operating Systems & Icons for their desktops / laptops); but it wouldn't have hurt for Samsung to develop "their own style" (which Google did for their Gingerbread Stock Icons) ....

  • I bought a Samsung phone in 2005 and it has the same Settings icon that is shown above. The Gears symbol has been a standard icon for Settings. Similar to the 'Phone' Icon. It has been a standard long before Apple claims to have invented it. For example, here you can find an almost completely similar icon and it is in the Public domain :
    Apple themselves created these icons after using the standard conventions for these items that have existed long before they 'invented' everything. So it is a bit rich claiming that they lost revenue due to Samsung supposedly ripping off their freaking icons.

  • personally having been around since the beginning of computers, having lived in seattle and san jose, having both ibm clones and the apple I believe it when it comes to impeccability that apple outshines micro shit 2000 * over. I say this because microsoft planned then proceeded with the plan. the plan - quite simply to go to all of the colleges in the northwest, she came out the finest young minds possible, hire them as part time employees, by doing so they did not have to pay for insurance, overtime, any of the perks of the normal company would have to pay 4. after using these people for 2 or 3 maybe 4 years at most kick them to the curb, having already hired their replacements, being a free america most people would say nothing was done wrong, or wrongly done. microsoft has use the finest minds in the country, paying them a bare minimum and spitting them out like watermelon seeds. what has happened to accountability impeccability, any form of justice an fairness in the big biz world. no bill gates did not break any laws, does he could set up a more fair compensation for those people that he's used and abused. and is from what I hear from there sooner him closely, he's like a baby throwing a temper tantrum whatever blows your skirt up. I don't recall steve jobs, playing any of these games in his business and business life. I think he workedhard, damned hard at creating a better product. yes apple have stumbled in fallen many times, they still work diligently at producing a higher quality product. I believe it's their right to fight for a patent on anything they create. let the others figure out their own, or pay royalties to apple for copying.

  • Mostly fools only believe what they see. Staying foolish stay hungry is yet another foolish words to keep fools at foolish state. Nevertheless who would like to be hungry? Stay smart, stay full (with real innovation)

    Patent is too easy to be granted. Concepts without any real product also will be granted. Apple has full team to patent everything related to them.

    So becareful folks, if apple manage to patent the word fxck apple or fxck iphone, you'll never able to use the word fxck again.

  • Apple is not a pure smart phone maker. Htc has been making smartphones before the term smartphone exists.

    When iphone is made, it already copy others. Why.? Because iphone has a screen, mic, camera, ear piece, speaker and it use a sim card. Common features right? But they copied.

    The fact is if those mobile maker giants, im saying nokia, Motorola, htc.. Patent all this common features.. What will u have on iphone?

    Think differently with sense.

  • I disagree. It's been like this for a long time now. The icons are pretty much universal with just slight variations. Basically, it's been accepted that icons appear similar even between competitors - until now. If anything, Samsung stole a little bit of Apple's luster. Apple is a bit egocentric and refuses to share the spotlight. This kind of attack against Samsung is for show, to convince the general public that they are 'original' and everyone tries to steal their ideas. In any case, how bad is it that the one who 'copied' has a better product than yours? In piracy, the original is supposed to be the best. A pirated DVD isn't better than where it was copied from. If Apple did great and then Samsung picked up from there and made better products, I consider it innovation rather than simply 'copying'.

  • Jamie, they are accepted symbols because Apple made them accepted symbols. Who did what when is the most important question.

  • Troy, in the software world, you'd think Samsung would have learned to at least be more careful in the way they copy Apple to avoid a lawsuit.

    I'm against the patent circus, I think Apple's claims are ridiculous most of the time, but I DO think, in this ONE particular incidence, they have a point.

    They did the research, they created the graphics, they had the ideas and Samsung, in creating Touchwiz, simply copied them. The pictures speak for themselves.

  • That's nonsense, Samsung's icons are only similar, but no more than Apple's iPhone is to those that it copied, which by the way, is without question. Similar
    things are done all the time in many industries. For example, look at the Lexus and Toyota crossover vehicles, they have strong similarities but you don't see them accusing each other of copying. A perfect case in point is Nissan, when they developed the Titan, admitted to the fact of looking at Ford's F150 to improve on the specific design, features and overall concept.

    The real thing to consider is why Apple really filed suit? Apple did not invent most of the unique features of the iPhone, they simply improved upon them and packed them together and called it their own. The fact is their close and control philosophy is keeping them from any further advancement and innovation, only to continue releasing an old car with a few extra features and a new paint job. Not unlike U.S. automakers of old that needed to get their butts kicked by foreign automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, to name a few to cause them to change their long term business plan and outlook. Ford, GM, and Chrysler tried to lock them out but had no other choice but to get their acts together. Yes, U.S. automakers were originally the innovators, but because of a closed and captive market there was no cause or need for improvement. Remember what the "Big Three" did to Tucker's improvement over their stale versions of automotive engineering.

    So, once again here we are, a U.S. business scared to death because their one sweet Apple is beginning to cause a sour taste in people's mouth's (punn intended) because it can't keep up with its competition. The truth is, in this technologically advancing world stagnancy will never be tolerated, regardless of who you are. An old saying is "If you can't run with the big dog's, stay on the porch".

  • I'm sorry but this is pathetic - all of these icons are pretty much accepted symbols representing the apps and I am fairly sure all of them have been used in lots of situations long before Apple deigned there appearance on the products - and they call this 'innovation' - I'll say again pathetic.

    Who'd have thought a notes icon would look like notepaper or the call button would be green and have a tilted handset (denoting picking the phone up)...

    All of the comparison icon sets are different enough to not be considered exact copies - I cannot believe how much money and time this is wasting of an actual court. Ultimately if Apple's view is upheld then this is only going to hurt the consumer who values choice.

  • I guess Samsung just read the wrong guidelines...

    iOS Icon Guidelines: Rounded corners and a shine effect

    Android Icon Guidelines: no full frame images, should not be square but a distinct silhouette and should make use of the alpha channel

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