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Apple's iOS crushes Android in Black Friday sales
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Apple's iOS crushes Android in Black Friday sales

Owners of Apple’s products ended up spending more money online and had more traffic on the busiest shopping day of the year than owners of the rival Android operating system. This is according to analytics coming from IBM and Adobe via the Business Insider and seem to point to what Apple CEO Tim Cook alluded to earlier in the year in that Apple users engage their devices more than Android users.

iOS users spent considerably more than Android users on Black Friday. / © Applause

The most favored device for shopping on Black Friday was of course the iPad, accounting for $417 million dollars in sales. Android based devices on the other hand accounted for a paltry $42 million in terms of sales in the United States. This clearly points towards Apple still having stronger support in the United States over Google.

The data from IBM also seems to suggest that Apple has wealthier and more tech savvy users than Android, which are the kind of users that developers crave the most. Android users in the United States certainly didn’t show that they could keep up with iOS users as the average person on Apples devices spent 21% more. In terms of engagement, Apple users generated nearly twice as much traffic as Android users.

These stats seem to point out that while Android may still have the raw numbers in terms of shipments, Apple is still the preferred mobile experience in the United States.

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  • its more about shopping done on the actual OS

  • All this data meant to me is that Apple Cult Consumers will blindly purchase ANYTHING from an Apple Store ..... Android Smart Phone / Tablet Consumers have a variety to choose from as far as Electronic Goods and Accessories (and I think most will spend Cyber Monday doing their shopping)

    • Did you not read the article? Its about online shopping in general it has nothing to do electronic goods and accessories affiliated with iOS nor Android.

  • How can they possibly say iOS users are more tech savy , that's rediculous

  • d4ead Dec 2, 2013 Link to comment

    but we already knew Americans were stupid

  • Who cares?! I won't buy an Apple Product anyway.

  • The analytics from Adobe and IBM were in regards to online sales of goods ( not apps) on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. More people used iOS devices to do online shopping than Android ones. The big dog being the iPad of course. Next year according to Asymco mobile devices will pass the PC as the preferred device to do online shopping. For those that are interested in app download metrics that will come from both Google and Apple after the Christmas holiday where they will disclose billions of downloads. Apple will also include revenue paid to developers while Google will not. Matter of fact outside of Apple we don't get any clear numbers on what any of the mobile platforms activities are nor how many devices sold. So its all a guess until the OEM's start to disclose their actual device sales and the activities they are recording from those devices. Also don't forget that they are two Androids, Google Android and open source android ( mostly used by the chinese and southeast asia)

  • They aren't looking at the volume of sales. Wal-Mart had tons of people buying Android tablets for $49 on up on Thanksgiving, so the volume goes to Google. Sure doesn't count the apps downloaded either. Google did quite well and Android stays number one on the smartphone and tablet markets.

  • Does this include the download of free apps? I think that is the main thing about Android is many more apps are free, partly because google gives developers the option of going for google adverts in their apps instead of charging a fee. As user of android the fact that there are so many free apps out there is great but there are some apps and games that are free that I would have no problem paying for such as the dead trigger series. I have heard that piracy of apps is a big problem on android as you can sideload apks. I think you've got to be a pretty stingy person not to pay 99p for a game that you like.

  • Hmm I don't completely buy the source article, It is very poorly cited and there are a lot of assumptions. Are they going off purchases made through apps or the browser? I'd like to see how they constructed these numbers.

  • While I congratulate Apple on being the profit king I don't know if I'd say iPad users are tech savvy. Tech slavey maybe, but not necessarily tech savvy :)

  • its the day after thanksgiving when people do all their holiday season shopping

  • My1 Dec 2, 2013 Link to comment

    What is that whole Black Friday thing? Did economy crash on Friday again???

  • Alex Dec 2, 2013 Link to comment

    Be a shift in the numbers if android had more accessories instead of iPhone or iPad exclusive I think.

  • Oh no not black Friday lol