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Apple to Google: "Can we peek at your source code?"

Apple to Google: "Can we peek at your source code?"

In the latest iteration of the Apple and Samsung dispute, Apple has requested a California court to order Google to turn over information regarding the source code of it's Android operating system. In an argument to U.S Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal, Apple believes that Google is withholding information that could prove vital in it's claim against the South Korean company. 

android vs apple wallpaper
Android is yet again in the crosshairs of Apple / © Android

Apple has argued that since Android is used in the Samsung devices that are a part of their current lawsuit against the South Korean company, the information laying in the source code could provide added transparency into their patent-infringement accusation. Lawyers for Google and Samsung have said that this latest revelation was a "strategic decision" by Apple to keep Google off the complaint filed. By doing so, Google remains as a third party to the Apple/Samsung trial and as such, isn't afforded the luxury of reciprocal discovery, a law that compels defendants to disclose some information to prosecutors before trial. 

In defense of the stalling of providing the information requested, Google has said that by turning over the source code to Apple, it may "lead to future discovery that we don't think they're (Apple) entitled to and give them (Apple) ideas about how to proceed that they wouldn't have". 

Apple vs Samsung lawsuit
The battle between Apple and Samsung continues in another lawsuit filed recently / © unwiredview.com

Going forward

The lawsuit is scheduled to begin in March 2014 and is hot on the heels of the previous trial in which a jury awarded Apple almost $1.05 billion after finding that Samsung infringed on six of Apple's patents. A reduction of the total amount was recently done by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to almost half of the original amount awarded, citing jury error as the cause for the review. 

What's your thoughts on the latest request? Should Google hand over the source code to Apple for its lawsuit?

Via: Phone Arena Source: Bloomberg

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  • Apple wants to see how Google makes their software so they can steal it.

  • DLN May 23, 2013 Link to comment

    APPLE Sucks DONKEY ASS and so does there products . They have the gull to want source code then why doesn't APPLE reveal its OFF shore Bank accounts that are hiding BILLIONS of TAX dollars

    APPLE your are such SCUMBAGS and your SHIT STINKS

  • Dear Apple - have you paid your Income Tax? Or, are you still hiding earned income outside of the USA (like numerous greedy Companies keep doing)? ....

    I think Samsung needs to throw that in Apple's face !

  • finally android will win . <a href="http://tenaxit.com/Mobile.html "> tenax it </a>

  • @John, Apple is simply covering its bases. Yes, Android is open source and the code is readily available in the web BUT for it to count as evidence against Sammy or Google in the future, the code presented in court and admitted as evidence SHOULD come from Sammy OR Google. Sammy or Google can easily deny the authenticity of the code and claim that the lines of code used by Apple as evidence are part of some custom rom and not from them.

  • My1 May 9, 2013 Link to comment

    they dont sue Google to show the code, but kindly asked...
    alao they want to confirm whether this ans an general android problem or only one of samsung, so they know who to sue...

  • Am I missing something? Android is open-source (well kinda), so all of the source is available to be viewed by all. What exactly is Apple making the request for? The article says "...court to order Google to turn over information regarding the source code...", so other than the source code, what could they be fishing for?

  • Thanks for the correction John! I've edited the article to reflect that.

  • My1 May 9, 2013 Link to comment

    I got 19 mails from APit about new comments, I assume that most, if not all, are about that...
    I already informed an Admin...

  • Is anyone else getting spam from a jessica ndaye in the comment section of every news article here on androidpit or is it just me ?

  • The possessive that means "belonging to it" is "its". "It's" is the contraction of "it is"

    Just saying ...

  • Apple thinks they can do anything. Just crazy this arrogance.

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