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Apple Users Really Want Improved Battery Life
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Apple Users Really Want Improved Battery Life

We are just moments away from the Apple iPhone reveal and whilst there are lots of rumors about new features like a fingerprint scanner and new color cases, the most important improvement that iPhone users want is improved battery life. Users seem to also want a more durable handset that will withstand things like drops. It seems as if users want an improvement on some of the more basic things about the smartphone, as opposed to more luxury features.

The iPhone is set to come in a lot more colors with the new upgrade / © iCrackUriDevice

Screen Size

Many iPhone users on comments threads around the internet have also voiced their need for a bigger iPhone screen. Right now the screen is 4 inches and it could make a jump closer to about 5 inches this time, although we will have to see at the event. Leaked pictures show it being around the same size as its predecessor though, so that could leave a few people disappointed.

Other Desired Features

Other things that users have said that they want from Apple with this new phone is a built in Micro SD slot but Apple only supports this feature with an adapter that must be purchased separately from the phone. A quad-core processor is also up there amongst the features that users want. Other more unlikely additions to the iPhone may include waterproof casing or night vision capabilities.

What would you like to see on the new iPhone if you have one. Please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Source: Mashable


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  • I hate puny screens after using the Note 2. 5 inches is minimum for me *^_^*

  • krunal Sep 11, 2013 Link to comment

    Definitely people are getting into the trend of phablets and they will change the brand if they wont get larger displays. Samsung has made the market and apple has to follow it

  • I don't think they can continue on with this smaller screen thing. They might with this. It kinda sucks having a smaller screen than the other top phones out there

  • Really with the 5'' (or closer, anyway) screen? I read in HuffPost and the WSJ that Jobs was dead set against anything bigger than 4''. I know Apple are testing out phablets though and the iPhone 6 is supposedly going to have a larger screen, but I don't know about the 5S. I think it'll stay exactly where it is for now. Let's see if I'm wrong in an hour or so!