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The Apple v Samsung retrial is now over as the jury is San Jose reached a swift verdict after it started to deliberate last week Tuesday. Samsung now has to pay $290 million on top of what it paid Apple last year to take the total amount of money that it paid to Apple to $890 million. The amount paid to Apple last year was $600 million, which was a reduced amount from the original $1.05 billion, but after it was revealed that there was a miscalculation in terms of the amount that Apple was entitled to the judge ordered a retrial.

Apple v Samsung trial ended in Apple's favor / © CNET

Samsung was ordered to pay the amount for infringing on some of Apple’s patents. One of them included the design for the original iPhone. In total the jury found that Samsung was infringing on Apple’s patents on 13 of its devices although most of those devices are no longer available as they are no longer up for sale. This amount is significantly lower than what Apple wanted though since they requested damages of $380 million. It is, however, significantly higher than what Samsung thought it should have to pay to Apple. That number is thought to be around $52.7 million.

It is likely that Samsung will continue to fight the case as this is quite a bit of money that is on the line. The two companies have been involved in quite a number of legal spats and this latest episode is sure to rub salt in those wounds.

Whose side are you on and why? Please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.



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  • yeah a lot of money is going to waste on all these things

  • NEITHER! Patent Lawsuits are bollocks! When has wasting company $ in courtroom & attorney fees allowed for better consumer products? (I can understand protection against black market goods, but these court cases didn't involve black market goods)!

  •   6
    Deactivated Account Nov 26, 2013 Link to comment

    How many parts inside these Apple devices are patented and made by Samsung?
    who remembers Digital Research? Gem? Xerox Parc?
    Nothing new under the sun.

  • Neither I think all these ridiculous patents should be struck down by a judge. None of these companies invented the patents that they are suing over they just bought other companies that owned the patents. The system is holding back innovation as it will stop smaller players from entering the market place and means that you can only afford to innovate of you can also afford to pay for a crack shot legal team. its very sad times for the tech industry in my view. Companies should have the guts to compete in the marketplace not resort tp childish lawsuits that ultimately only benefit lawyers

  • Apples is the best mobile phone in the market. samsung launch cheapest phone in the market it is the best selling phone in india.