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New Windows Ad Makes Android and iPhone Fans Look Like Crazed Morons
Samsung Apple 1 min read 5 comments

New Windows Ad Makes Android and iPhone Fans Look Like Crazed Morons

Is this what an Apple fanatic looks like?  © Microsoft

Windows is trying to portray itself as a more enlightened choice in a new ad that makes Apple and Android fans look like crazed morons.

The ad, which takes place at a wedding, begins with an iPhone user insulting an Android user for holding up his "enormous" Android tablet to take a photo.

"You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?" another Samsung fan counters. A middle-aged woman then says to Siri, "search: one-trick pony." Before long, the entire wedding audience is insulting each other with terms like "iSheep" and "copyboy." An all-out brawl ensues.

While the Android and iPhone fans are smashing each other with chairs and throwing each other into the buffet, two servers whip out there Nokia Lumias as they calmly appraise the chaos. "You think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they'd stop fighting all the time?" the waiter asks. "I don't know. I think they kind of like fighting."

The Nokia Lumia is still very much an underdog, having sold 5 million units in the most-recent quarter vs. 37.4 million iPhones and 70 million Samsung devices. 

Do you find the ad effective?

Source: YouTube


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    Deactivated Account May 10, 2013 Link to comment

    At least, Samsung in their commercials, explains what features their phones offer, and WHY consumers should make the jump. I don't see ANY argument in this Microsoft video, to jump ecosystems.

  • the above video was clearly made by a person who is constantly haunted by various forms of STD. a broken back and bust nose. if that person's back and nose are not busted as of yet, someone should really oblige him/her by doing so.

    i have been using Nokia for almost 10 years now.
    no. i did not buy the Windows garbage they have been spewing out.
    i almost made a mistake of buying the 510 when it was launched here in India.

    the Lumia phones are very much need of a kick in the posterior, along with the
    schmucks that were using it in the ad above.

    It would have been great if Nokia would have chosen Android. But since it has not, i doubt its future in the next decade or so.

    I find windows phones in general quite restrictive. they have all sorts of neat anti-piracy measures built in. which is good if you want to stop pirates. but I'm a physics professor for goodness sake. If i cant use my as a jump drive, then its of no use to me.

    its just like the Xbox LIVE pay to play online policy that Microsoft uses. it was a novelty then. But since PSN has free online gaming, why would you pay for basically the same service which you get with a free PSN account?

    its just a shame really. Windows phones in general are quite novel. but when you have the endless and nearly infinite flexibility of an android, why use it?

    i do not hate iPhone users. if i could have afforded one, i would have bought it also.

    i do want to point out one thing:

    they were criticizing the app market we use. " is there an app for that? "

    well, does Windows phone do not use apps? are they some sort of divine thingamabob that is the 2nd coming of mobile phones?

    a shame really.

  • If anything it made the competition seem more amusing. I wont lie that comercial is hilarious but i dont think it helped windows. Afterall it is mostly fun between ios users and Android users. This ad adds to that.

  • If Sun Tzu didn't say it, he should have. "Pit the biggest armies against each other, let them thin the herd."

    I'm guessing they're just jealous.

  • No because the vast majority of android and idevice users arent tech savy enough to have that kind of argument, most people buy a device and stick within that ecosystem, the only people that switch because of technical reasons are more often than not the geeks who know all the ins and outs. The war for ecosystem supremecy will be won in the mass market (I.e the users who dont really care about the details as long as the device they have works)