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Apple wanted to buy Tesla: the iCar from Elon Musk
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Apple wanted to buy Tesla: the iCar from Elon Musk

Apple tried to buy Tesla in 2013. At that time, the company had even offered more for the shares than they are worth today, one analyst said.

Apple tried to buy the electric car manufacturer Tesla in 2013. Apparently Apple offered about $240 per share at the time. This is more than the current share price of Tesla. Tesla is currently listed on the Nasdaq at a solid $205 per share, according to Craig Irwin, an analyst at Roth Capital Partners, on a broadcast by US television channel CNBC.

While Irwin does not say where he got this information from, he claims to have checked his sources several times. He was convinced that they were right. He could not say whether it ever came to the formal part of the attempted purchase. However, he knew that Apple had made the attempt in any case.

Irwin is also convinced that Apple may continue to be interested in acquiring Tesla, especially now that the company's price has fallen. It has been known for some time that Apple is also working with Project Titan in the field of e-mobility. "Project Titan is absolutely not dead," said Irwin in the interview. Apple continues to work in this area and the interest in Tesla certainly continues - by the way, also from other technology companies.

Recently, Apple hired Tesla's chief electrical engineer. Project Titan is also led by Doug Field, who also previously worked at Tesla.

Earlier this year, Apple dismissed 200 of the project's employees, some of whom had been transferred to other workgroups. In the past, the company has confirmed that it works on autonomous driving systems, but, as usual, it does not provide more detailed information. While some people assume that Apple is actually working on the self-driving iCar, others think that Apple is developing an autonomous driving system that other manufacturers are supposed to use.

Do you think Tesla would be in good hands with Elon Musk under the umbrella of Apple and Tim Cook?

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