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Apple Watch redefines what ''all day'' battery life really means: and it's not good

At Apple's Invent the Future of Spring event (or whatever it was called), big boss man Tim Cook announced the amazing battery life of the Apple Watch at an incredible 18 hours. Wait, what? 18 hours? You mean, three-quarters of a day? What happened to ''all day battery life''?

Apple Watch digitial rown
This is going to be a familiar sight on the Apple Watch. / © Apple/ANDROIDPIT

Sure, the Apple Watch has a nifty magnetic charger thingy that pops onto the back and that's a good thing, because you're going to be needing it. A lot. Not that Android Wear watches are that hefty on the battery life front either, but c'mon, this is Apple and they invent everything. Just not not all day battery life for a watch apparently.

AndroidPIT Apple Watch charger
I'm glad this is handy because you're going to need it. / © Apple

We'll be interested to see just how long the Apple Watch battery life truly is, because as we know, when big boss men announce numbers relating to battery life on stage they are rarely indicative of, you know, the truth.

What do you think of this battery life? Good enough or a massive fail?


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  • my criteria for a watch is something that I never have to wind-up, charge or generally considered the battery. Not even lasting one day is missing the point entirely if they really want us to leave behind the traditional watch and switch to smart watches. Apple or otherwise.

  • It's called ANDROIDpit. Everytime Apple came up with something, bang, we have some news about it in ANDROIDpit.
    When Microsoft do something, doesn't matter what it is, well... There we go, we have another Apple article.
    C'mon, you guys are better than that.

  • Joaquin does using it wrong mean using it at all? maybe it is 18 hours on idle

  • If it lasts any less than 18 hours, then you're using it wrong. --Apple

  • #FAIL

    Apple is the sole responsible for me seriously thinking about changing to Android.

    • I was with Apple since the first iPhone, but ever since my iPhone 3GS messed up, I got the Galaxy S2 and Android ever since. Not a single regret since then. Now have a Galaxy S4 and am waiting for the S6 Edge.(: