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Poll: Which of Your Apps Use the Most Data?
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Poll: Which of Your Apps Use the Most Data?

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According to a poll by the NPD Group, the average Android owner eats through around 870MB of data per month, close to the 1GB offered as a base to customers on the biggest American carriers. How do Android owners stay under the 1GB data cap? Simple: the average user also blows through 1.5GB of data via WiFi per month. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's the young 'uns who are consuming the most data; by NPD's estimate, users between the ages of 18-24 consume just a little over 1GB per month, whereas the 50-plus group uses a healthy 750MB. 

On that note, I'm curious about how much data you, dear Internet reader, use per month. Do you easily blow through your monthly allotted data or are you better at sipping lightly? Do you use apps like Onavo to track your data usage or just browse away and hope for the best? Furthermore, which apps eat the majority of your data? For me, it's Chrome, hands-down, followed by YouTube and (unfortunately) the stupid Facebook app. I'm trying to cut down on all of them, because I usually go over my data plan or get very, very close to doing so by the end of the month. 

What about you?

Source: Engadget


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  • About 1.5 - 1.8 GB / month, mostly wifi as I'm capped at 600Mb

    Flip board

    In that order, I find myself watching embedded video through the browser or flip board.

  • Assuming you don't mind an iPhone answer- at certain peak times my internet at home sucks so I tether. 4 to 5 gigs a month for me thanks to my penchant for Netflix during peak hours.

  • Not bad! I really need to try Opera again.

  • When I'm on a data plan I always use Opera mini for Web browsing. It compresses the data so you end up downloading about 1/5 of what you normally would. I was at my village for 20 days and I could only connect to the Internet via 3G. I had a 1.5GB prepaid plan and on the day I left I had downloaded 1.3GB.