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Arcane Legends -- The future of MMORPG on Android

Authored by: Bernhardt Fischer — Dec 11, 2012

There's a new MMORPG on the block: Arcane Legends. It's started off a little rough with server problems, but since these have been fixed the app has been getting quite a bit of attention because real-time online games are for Android are few and far between. So without further ado, let's find out what Arcane Legends has to offer.



Reviewed version Latest version 1.5.1

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
Runs as of: 2.2

Arcane Legends is a real time MMORPG for Android. Most online games don't feel quite ripe yet, or else not many users are playing them meaning they're not exciting enough.

First, the gamer can choose a character: a thief, magician or warrior. More importantly, you must also choose your Minipet which will influence your fighting skills.

A sort of tutorial helps you get your bearings, and then you're thrown right into it. You wander from one place to the next, gathering maturity points with every new quest. Once you've reached a certain score you will advance by one level and gain more character points. You can also earn skill points that will unlock special skills.

The game really lives up to the expectations one might have of an MMORPG. Completed quests are rewarded with gold which can be invested in armour, potions and weapons. Should the player die, they can choose to be reborn in a city of their choice—in exchange for a given sum, of course.

As for graphics, I was reminded of World of Warcraft, or rather a slightly pared down version thereof. Bold colours, animations a-go-go, plenty of special effects and lots of details: that's what I like to see. The music effects are quite nice, too, though every player must decide for themselves if the background music is good or annoying.

A virtual + control pad and several buttons allow you to control the character.

I recommend registering; this doesn't take much time but will enhance the gaming experience (e.g. better storage system).

Bottom line:

As mentioned previously, there aren't all that many online games for Android. Arcane Legends is quite simply and awesome MMORPG.

There are several play modes (group, solo) and there are quests and elite missions that await completing, so hop to it!


Screen & Controls

Arcane Legends really sweeps gamers off into a fantastic, mystical world. The design is perfect, right down to the buttons and graphic novel style.

Navigating the app is made easy thanks to well structured menus and inventory systems.


Speed & Stability

The app ran smoothly at all times. The Arcane Legends servers may have been somewhat overwhelmed when the app first came out but since then the problems seem to have been fixed as the app is now stabile.


Price/Performance Ratio

Arcane Legends is free from the Play Store. Not only is this an excellent MMORPG, there's not even any real need to spend money in the in-game shop (though you are welcome to do so, of course).



Arcane Legends -- The future of MMORPG on Android Arcane Legends -- The future of MMORPG on Android Arcane Legends -- The future of MMORPG on Android Arcane Legends -- The future of MMORPG on Android
Angefangen mit der großen Liebe für Computer & allem rund um das Internet, revolutioniert das iPhone damals meine Welt. Doch schnell steigerte sich Android und es fand eine Wachablösung statt. Seit Januar 2012 arbeite Ich nun bei AndroidPIT und versorge euch -mit großem Vergnügen- mit Testberichten zu empfehlenswerten Apps. Nebenbei war Ich lange als Judo-Kämpfer aktiv und mache momentan eine Ausbildung zum Bürokaufmann, die jedoch letztendlich als Wirtschaftsfachwirt enden wird. Immer in der Hosentasche dabei: Mein geliebtes Samsung Galaxy S2!

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