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iPhone 6 launch: why do Android users care more about Apple events than Android ones?
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iPhone 6 launch: why do Android users care more about Apple events than Android ones?

The numbers don’t lie: our stats show that you’re much more interested in the iPhone 6 than in any single Android device, story or event. Is Apple the firm that you love to hate?

iphone6 side crop
The iPhone 6: do Android users love to hate it? / © Apple

The iPhone 6 launch was bittersweet for me, because I like phones and I really hate U2. I never used to - I used to be a huge, huge U2 fan - but since the turn of the century I’ve found them insanely annoying. The thing is, though, that instead of just ignoring them I keep finding myself tuning in to their launches or reading their interviews for no other reason than to get really annoyed at how annoying they are. I wonder, are you the same with Apple?

We’ve been looking at our server stats, and as Shakira nearly said, the hits don’t lie. The iPhone 6 launch was more popular than the entire IFA show, let alone any single Android product launch. To put it into context, the only way the next Nexus launch can generate the kind of traffic the iPhone 6 launch did would be if Google glued a bunch of Nexuses to a naked Miley Cyrus, strapped her to a missile and fired it at Russia.

I’ve just checked and this is definitely AndroidPIT, not ApplePIT, so there can only be two explanations. Either you’re all closet Apple fans, or you’re hatewatching.

Anger is an energy

keynote apple iphone6 8
Own up. How many of you watched the Apple keynote? / © Apple

Hatewatching is a TV term, but it describes what I do with U2 and what I think many of you do with Apple events: you watch it not because you care, but because you want to get really angry and share that anger with like-minded souls. It’s a sport of sorts, a challenge to see who can build up the biggest head of steam and unleash the most acidic response.

I get it, I really do. I was glued to the U2 bit of the Apple event, unable to tear myself away from a screen that I really wanted to punch. I turned my headphones up louder so I could hear how bad the song was at higher volumes, maximised the video window so there was nothing to mitigate the sheer irritation of Bono, squirmed in my seat as Tim Cook and Bono exchanged obviously scripted quips. I hated every second of it.

It was brilliant.

Am I right? Is Apple the firm you love to hate, or is something else happening?

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  • Carmelo Rivera Sep 12, 2014

    What I don't understand is how Apple talks about a certain feature that Android has had for years and make it seem like they just invented it. I don't get it.


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  • People only care about the event only to see hiw Apple will try to wow the world. If you ask me they finally did only because they are releasing 2 versions of the iPhone with bigger screens.....Other than that who cares?

  • Apple created a bigger, fast phone with the same camera mp......why?

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Sep 14, 2014 Link to comment

    It's not because I care about Apple, nor am I particularly concerned. Just curious to see what they've come up with. Otherwise I couldn't care less.

  • I like to watch the event because i like apple introducing NOTHING like it a new or unique feature. And it also helps in an argument with apple fan boys.

  • GT Ohh Sep 13, 2014 Link to comment

    Dude you lost me @ Miley Cyrus.... REALLY?

  • I honestly do not care for any over-hyped p.r. stunt by any manufacturer of consumer electronics. I get it! Nobody wants to spend $ on s booth @ C.E.S., unless they have something new to offer! Yet these p.r. stunts are lame (zero effort to impress with state-of-the-art tech) ....

    I lol @ Apple for schilling $ 100 million to U2 so that new iPhone 6 buyers get a free music download! What a waste of $ (imagine all the charities who could've used the financial help - imagine selling a new smart phone with the tag line "% of sales goes to charity"). These are Apple Cult Consumers who care more about being elitist hipsters then being humanitarians (look @ my 28 karat solid gold iPhone (ugh!) ...

    Want to impress me? (this is addressed to every smart phone manufacturer):

    A clever ad campaign (minus over paid celebs)
    A working website for said product(s)
    Smart phones with minimal bloatware
    No Contract friendly finance
    No rely on cellular service providers to sell it
    Latest tech implemented to improve product(s)
    Offer product(s) for immediate sale @ p.r. stunt
    OS updates immediately (stop dicking around)
    Consumer friendly Customer Service
    Advertise it / make it available globally

    Impress me / don't bore me

  • The question is: What are Apple posts doing on here? I thought this was ANDROIDpit!!!

    • My1 Sep 16, 2014 Link to comment

      you always should look beyond the boundary of the things you use, or else nothing can evolve.

  • plck74 Sep 13, 2014 Link to comment

    when iphone 6 and plus. everyone goes insane. why dont they compare with other spec. arent we heading new frontier. galaxy note edge...forward!!!

  • with the price tag it comes ....doesn't worth spending ...android market is way more evolved and ever improving

  • What I don't understand is how Apple talks about a certain feature that Android has had for years and make it seem like they just invented it. I don't get it.

  • Rob Sep 12, 2014 Link to comment

    It's because they feel threatened by it.

    Most Apple users don't feel the need to berate Android purchases, of which I've made many.

    It's one of the only products that evokes such a visceral response. It doesn't seem healthy. Maybe get out more?

    I can't wait for my iPhone 6 Plus. :)

    • My1 Sep 12, 2014 Link to comment

      well I have not that much against the phones of apple but rather the fact that they protray it as something we have quote on quote "never seen before", but there's close to no real change the iphone 6 is de facto a nexus 4 with ios, hardware from 2012 which was available for 350 dollars at launch for the 16gb ver. and the 6 starts seemingly around 200 dollars WITH CONTRACT, so without will be MUCH more expensive...

  • My1 Sep 12, 2014 Link to comment

    What's u2?
    And where's the relation to Apple?


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