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Are you sad? This Amazon wearable knows before you know it.
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Are you sad? This Amazon wearable knows before you know it.

The world of wearables is taking a leap into new features. If it wasn't enough for your activity wristband to record your steps, Amazon is working on a device that detects your emotions.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon is developing this device in collaboration with Lab126, the company responsible for Amazon's Fire phone or its Echo smart speaker. This wearable, which would be activated by voice through the Alexa, would be able to detect and analyze human emotions.

This device, which could be a smartwatch or a fitness bracelet, would use its microphone to examine our voice, then analyze it and detect our mood and the emotions we transmit. In this way, the device, synchronized with our smartphone, would be able to advise us how to interact more effectively with others. In the same way, it would be able to detect if we are hungry, and to advise us a recipe, or to detect our tiredness and to recommend us a rest.

The prototype, code-named Dylan, is in a beta testing program, and it is unclear whether it will ever reach the market. For now, the company has declined to make any comments.

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"Hi, I think you're having a bad day." / © Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

If it finally becomes a reality, it would be the company's first wearable, and Alexa's first incursion into such a device. In this way, the Amazon digital assistant would come out of speakers and home devices to reach the wrist of the users.

Do you think that a wearable with these characteristics is interesting? Or do you find it a little disturbing?

Source: Bloomberg

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