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Asus: you're "out of your mind" to buy Apple Watch

Asus isn't pulling any punches in the spin war against Apple, as the company has created a funny, scathing infographic showing why you should pick an Asus ZenWatch over an Apple Watch.

Asus ZenWatch2
The Asus Zenwatch has a classy look. / © ANDROIDPIT

The infographic, published on the Asus Twitter page, uses a gold Apple to represent - we're guessing - the controversial $10,000 18-carat gold edition of the Apple Watch. It's certainly not subtle, implying that unless you "have tons of cash to waste" or are "out of your mind" then you should buy a $200 Asus ZenWatch instead.

androidpit asus zenwatch apple watch infographic
Asus pulls no punches in this sardonic infographic. / © ASUS

For our part, we really liked the ZenWatch and gave it a four-star review, praising its elegant design and handy ZenWatch Manager app. The jury's still out on the Apple Watch of course, but we'll certainly be pitting it against our favourite Android smartwear when we get our hands on it. Sadly, it probably won't be the gold version we'll be reviewing, but you never know!

Does Asus have a point? Is a $10,000 Apple smartwatch ludicrous, or is it reasonable considering there are people out there who are prepared to pay that kind of money for non-smartwatches - or dumbwatches, as they'll soon be called?

Let us know what you think.


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  • Maynard James Keenan already said: you must have been high.

  • Sadly smartwatches aren't Smart Watches. They have cellphone specs and durability. They are not wrist watches. Tech toys that tell time. I won't be diving a reef with one any time soon!

  • Apple fan boi's can call it what they want. The closed ecosystem that is Apple will always be an idiots playground. There is going to be a new Windows coming with all the new tech to run it which will incorporate all the apps and software into one ecosystem so you will only have to learn one app across the entire tech landscape. Google consistently makes a better user experience for their ecosystem which is open and much more fun to play inside. When Apple becomes a luxury they push the regular consumer to the back of the pack which will put the others in the forefront of the tech landscape. Plus the sheer amount of options available in the hardware department for both Android and Windows will make it easier to have options that everyone can afford without feeling like they have to settle for the lower end gear. We will never convince the Apple fan boi's of any of this and that's fine but when you become the number one on the stock market you are under pressure to continue to perform and that's something Apple is going to experience over the next couple of years with nothing innovative coming down the pipe.

  • Stan G Mar 11, 2015 Link to comment

    If Apple thinks it's a luxury item and it's going after Rolex, what's Apple going to do when the watch reaches about 6-7 years old, battery long dead, apps not compatible with anything anymore? My Rolex will still be going strong with at least 50-60 years left in it's life span.

    • ljhaye Mar 11, 2015 Link to comment

      Apple is already considered an aspirational brand that has successfully avoided the commoditization of both the PC market and smartphone market. In China they are already considered the number luxury brand on the backs of an iPhone thats obsolete every two years. Maybe Lux-tech is a concept that they are pioneering so we have no idea what the properties are that define disposable luxury.

      They are rumours that the Watch Edition could come with some sort of trade in program...

  • ljhaye Mar 11, 2015 Link to comment

    Android Wear and its OEMs don't get it. Apple isn't competing with "smart watches" its migrating into a full fledge LUXURY BRAND. Its going after Rolex not garbage like Asus. Android wear is a smart watch platform and Apple watch is a fashion product. The two are not the same nor do they have the same customers. Android Wear and their OEMs can't see that but luxury Swiss watch manufacturers do. Android Wear sold 720,000 units so far and we all know Apple will do that in a week. they've positioned their watch as a luxury watch and not a smart watch. If you want a smart watch get pebble or Android. If you want a fashionable WATCH you'll get an Apple watch or some other luxury branded watch. Android can't go up hill just as Apple can't go down hill but this time its truly different categories: Tech gadget vs Luxury item