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VIDEO: Asus PadFone Unboxing Video (Includes Phone And Dock)
ASUS Padfone Asus Hardware 2 min read 20 comments

VIDEO: Asus PadFone Unboxing Video (Includes Phone And Dock)


The arrival of the Asus PadFone is finally upon us, and despite how you may or may not feel about it, this very interesting device certainly has a very cool concept. Netbook news has managed to get their hands on the PadFone, the tablet station, and the keyboard dock, and have took some great photos and an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. Despite how I personally feel about the pricing on the tablet and what it's running on the inside, I must admit that it's certainly easy on the eyes in terms of look and design. Before getting into the video, lets have a quick spec rundown and a look at some photos of this long awaited device.

Before we get to the photos and video, here's a quick spec rundown:

  • 4.3 “Super AMOLED QHD display (960 × 540)
  • 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core
  • Adreno 225 GPU
  • 16GB + microSD memory slot
  • 8MP camera with F2.2 main, 5-Element lens, VGA front camera
  • SonicMaster sound system
  • 1.520 mA battery (+9 by charging the battery in the tablet portion)
  • Android 4.0
  • 9.22mm thin
  • HDMI-out, A-GPS, compass, HSPA +, N-wireless, etc.

Here are a few pictures of the device and all the many goodies that come with it (courtesy of Netbooknews):

Not too shabby right? It actually looks as pretty in many ways as the Asus Transformer Prime when it's docked. The device is certainly not cheap, as the phone with dock and display will set you back 400 US dollars IF you get it with a 30 dollar monthly unlimited data plan.

Here's a nice unboxing video of the device. If you're thinking about purchasing this item, maybe it will help to wet your appetite a bit more:

What do you guys think? After watching the video are you sold on the device, or is it more "meh“?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: netbooknews.com

Source: Netbooknews


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  •   3
    Deactivated Account May 11, 2012 Link to comment

    lol Stefan. My wife works for VW (genauer gesagt VWFS) :D along with 1 in every 3 (edit: literary hyperbole used for this statistic) people you meet on the street.
    God help us all if VW goes bankrupt!

    Edited. :D

  • I like it, but the available IT jobs are a bit too much dependent on a single popular vehicle manufacturer nearby... ;)

  •   3
    Deactivated Account May 11, 2012 Link to comment

    It's a beautiful city, really. Lots of history (as is the case in all of DE and the EU). There's a river that runs thru it and a few really nice parks. For me it's the perfect mix of small town and city.

  • Nice! How do you both like it?

  •   3
    Deactivated Account May 11, 2012 Link to comment

    Braunschweig!! :D Top. Da wohne ich auch seit 3 Jahren!

    Sorry: English blog. Should be in my native tongue.
    I live in Braunschweig, too, since 3 years!

  • A few hundred kilometers west of you. Braunschweig is the nearest of the bigger cities.

  • Lol...cool. What part? Im here in Berlin, in the heart of it all! :-D

  • Always have been, probably ever will be. :)

  • You're in Germany as well right?

  • Pretty much decided. The dated button configuration on the Galaxy S III made it somewhat final. I want software buttons! :D

    Still no sign of the device yet, though. Asus is not really forthcoming.

  • Have you decided to go pick one up yet Stefan, or are you thinking about it?

  • Yeah, I would also have much preferred the stylus to slid in and get charged automatically. That would have made it much more awesome and a must-have. As it is now, its value depends a lot on its price. :)

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    Deactivated Account May 11, 2012 Link to comment

    Excellent review/unboxing.
    The specs are a bit 'meh' IMO, but I'll be interested to see how this tech progresses in the coming years.

    If nothing else, though, it's cool to see 'real' innovation. By innovation, I mean something *new* as opposed to just 'more'. So many manufacturers are acting on the premise that 'bigger surface area + faster + thinner profile = better' and that's starting to wear thin. I mean, take in particular the Galaxy Note. I might get flamed for this, but there's no innovation there. Yeah, it's bigger and has a stylus...but styli have been around for ~20 years or so.
    I like that this device is something different. And the BT stylus/phone is ridiculously awesome! It would be cooler, I think, if the stylus slid into the tablet to charge and store.

    That said, if I'm carrying around a tablet and docking station, as in this device...I really don't mind having a separate phone. IMHO the performance sacrifices (meaning the lower specs than the Prime has) aren't worth the combo purchase. Let's face it, carrying around a phone & tablet w/dock is no more trouble than carrying around a phone & tablet shaped docking station...is it?

    For me, I'd sooner rock the TPrime and a nice handset. But I'm interested in seeing what competitors do to build on the combo-idea, and also what Asus is going to be doing to step it up a notch next year.

  • True! Benchmarks mean nada in the longrun, and Im SO looking forward to the Exynos 5250. I just wonder if theres a chance we could see that in the next (rumored) Samsung Nexus phone?

    As far as bugs go, the HTC One X has been filled with them, but luckily just software, not hardware bugs like the HTC One S.

    And yeah, a mobile Fraps would be pretty epic :-D

  • "with dual core chips"... that's exactly the point! There are such and such. The Snapdragon S4 is A LOT faster than any other available dual core chips, don't put them all in the same bag. There is no tablet yet with Snapdragon S4.

    It will be a very interesting comparison with the Exynos 5250 and other Cortex-A15, when it finally arrives later this year.

    As to the bugs, I am not buying it. There won't be a patch that suddenly increases some of the benchmark results by a noticably margin.Benchmarks aren't to be trusted too much, though. I really would like to have a mobile Fraps. :)

  • Thats true Stefan, but what he means is that it would have been more tempting of a buy if they had went quad core. Everyone else is on the quad core bandwagon, and the only interesting dual core processor left is Samsungs Exynos 5250. Thats quite honestly the only dual core device I would buy now.

    As far as benchmarks go, thats debateable. With some tests you are totally right, but in others Tegra 3 blows the Qualcomm processor out of the water. The test scores on the One X international (which I have on my desk) also arent a good basis to judge on, as I confirmed with HTC and Nvida on the phone that the phone isn't displaying the proper benchmarks due to software bugs. In some tests, the dual core one s actually outperformed it, and that wasnt because it had a more powerful chip.

    For me though, since we are talking Android, in using this as a tablet I would have much preferred to see a quad core chip as well. Android tablets with dual core chips dont perform NEARLY as well as Android tablets with quad core chips. That would have made a big difference for me as a consumer after owning a dual core tablet.

  • *sigh* not a single PadFone article without such a comment. Look here chinu:


    Focus on the scores of HTC One X international version (with Tegra 3) versus the AT&T version (Snapdragon S4). As you can see, they are all in all pretty even. You can argue to some degree which benchmarks are more relevant, but the point is: BOTH chipsets are fast and it doesn't really make much difference which one powers the device. Stop simply counting cores, they are not the only factor in performance.

  • chinu May 11, 2012 Link to comment

    cool. but if they had put quad core processor instead... it would have been more stunning

  • Surprisingly, I still kinda like the device. :D

    The videos (there are four) are "meh", though - lots of missed opportunities, mixed up tech terms and she keeps on insisting to compare the thickness of the devices, wasting minutes after minutes.

    Besides, someone should tell her to hold that power button on the stylus for 5 seconds straight, as written on screen when she tried it first... also when she lengthily complains about the trackpad getting in her way and can't find a way to turn off - she actually zooms in on the dedicated button for that a few times... :D