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Asus PadFone 2 Being Released October 16th. Monster Specs Inside!

Asus PadFone 2 Being Released October 16th. Monster Specs Inside!


While I loved the concept of the original PadFone, I wasn’t a fan of the price tag, the thick design, or with some of the deceptive marketing that Asus pulled when unveiling the device. After all, a dual core phone/tablet was nothing revolutionary at the time, and with its expensive price tag, you could get a lot more for your money. But after seeing the monter specs for the PadFone 2, I must admit that I am suddenly very very curious about the new device that Asus plans to launch on October 16th. 

Asus is certainly one of the top Android tablet makers, and with specs like these, you can clearly see that they firmly believe in this very interesting  all in one phone/tablet concept. So what are we looking at on the spec side?

A Qualcomm S4 Pro quad core chipset running at 1.5Ghz, 2GB of RAM, a 4.7 inch (phone) Super IPS+LCD display (1280 x 720), a 13MP camera on the back, a 1.3MP shooter on the front, LTE and HSPA support, and a 2140 mAh battery. It should be noted that these specs are for the phone only, as we haven’t received word on the tablet part of the PadFone. But with specs like these, it will easily be one of the most (if not THE most) powerful smartphones on the market.

Now this is what I’m talking about. The phone itself is only 9mm thick, and if the tablet part would be significantly thinner (and sexier) than the previous PadFone, than this device could be very interesting for anyone interested in picking up an Android phone and tablet. But why am I praising this one when I was so hard on the original?

For me personally, the hardware running in the phone makes all the difference. Asus went HARD on the specs of this device, and I am very confident that the PadFone 2, unlike the last model, could deliver a very speedy experience as a phone or when used as a tablet. If they would release this device at 600 or 700 bucks, I could justify it more than the last model, as this time they used top notch hardware vs the mediocre hardware found in the original PadFone. Add LTE and a keyboard dock to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a very interesting and innovative device that is starting to make me drool a bit. 

We don’t have any word on price, or any details on if the body of the tablet part has changed, but if they made as many improvements to the tablet body as they have with the phone, this could possibly become another strong contender on the high end Android market. I will be closely watching this event, and if the tablet aspect is kept nice and thin, I could imagine being seriously tempted this time around. Impress me Asus!

What do you guys think of the PadFone 2? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: cdn.pocket-lint.com

Source: Phone Arena

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  • Good points Dvoraak. Microsoft will need to keep the prices very down if they want the masses to adopt to this idea. I personally like what I have played with so far, but I only ever had a few minutes to play with them. I would really like to have 7 days with one just to see how practical it is/isn't.

  • I should mention that only 600 people were surveyed which is an extremely small sample but if you consider the millions of smartphones activated daily.... how many would you need to have good representative sampling?

  • I don't think the W8 tablets stand much of a chance without the phones being a success first. According to this recent online survey W8 has a way to go yet. There's also some interesting Apple/Android tidbits here.


  • That and the lack of apps, but then again, Windows 8 tablets center more around being used as a PC vs having tons of great apps (at this point anyway). I'm very curious to see just how useful Win 8 tablets might/might not be.

  • Well, gotta have some standards. The interface formerly known as Metro is more likely to make me want to take a nap rather than dive in for fun and games.

  • LOL! Then you need to look into Windows 8 tablets. I think they have the specs you might be looking for.

  • LOL don't blame me. I'm just waiting for them to pack a GTX 660 and 8 gigs of RAM into a tablet so I can leave the laptop at home.

  • Dammit Dvoraak! Stop making so much sense! LOL :-D

  • After thinking about it the Pf2 would just give me extra stuff to carry around when I travel (which is A LOT). Do I really need to carry around a phone and a tablet on top of a 17" 9 lbs (sorry, metrics escape me) gaming laptop? The tablet would just wind up left at home usually. GN2 here I come.

  • @Stefan - That is so true. It seems to be an issue with Asus products in general. My Prime gets sooooooo less dev attention than my Galaxy Tab 10.1 did. I think it really has a lot to do with Asus attitude towards bootloaders and updates. They don't really make it any easier for devs. If the Padfone 2 has little to no dev support, it's a definite no go for me.

    @Baron - I dont know man. I paid 650 Euros for my Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was way more than the Price of a Prime with a keyboard dock included. Also, the Motorola Xoom debuted for 700 Euros here, but it got LOTS of dev attention!

    Maybe the Padfone concept is too early for devs to fully jump on. After all, I don't think the original Padfone sold enough for devs to give it proper attention...yet.

    @Dvoraak - This is my dilema (along with the new Nexus devices). If only I was rich. Then I could just get them all! LOL :-D

  • Ok my interest is piqued. The GN2 or a Pf2? Son of a gun I've had my heart set on the GN2 but I have a soft spot for Asus (typing this on my G74SX). I'm not familiar with Padfones at all. Are they offered and subsidized by carriers or is this a cash retail deal?

  • @Stefan the reason why there is such a small mod scene is probably because of the price. Usually when a device isn't really sold very well those devices are cheap and used by modders to get a nice tablet/phone for a small price. The padfone was to expensive to buy just for modding.

  • What really put the final nail in the coffin of my buying plans was the mod scene. The amount of activity there regarding the Padfone has shocked me - to be more precise, take any curious Android phone ever that hardly sold a few thousand devices, it will probably have more going on on XDA than the Padfone does. People are struggeling to get root access (adopted from a Transformer method there) by downgrading the firmware, and that's the pinnacle of development - and this situation hasn't improved at all in months. Whenever I look in that thread for nostalgic reasons, it pains me.

    If the Padfone 2 comes out and timely, I would really advise some sort of Kickstarter to get a few devices to Cyanogen and other known mod groups, hoping they like and adopt (otherwise at least return) it... :D

  • LOL! Fingers crossed!

  • @Eric Yes me too. It's the next best thing after vanilla android. So please, please, please, please ASUS take my money this time ;-)

  • @Baron - Ah ok. So I guess its kind of the same interface I have on my Transformer Prime? Its more or less stock, with some added Asus goodies. I actually really like the minimal changes that Asus makes to Android.

  • @Eric AFAIK it ran a stock android complemented with some widgets (power) and a few modifications for the tablet to phone switching part. ASUS does have a reasonable reputation with regards to updates (fast but not always 100%).

  • @Baron - Hopefully its more of a worldwide release this time around. Man oh man am I curious to see the tablet. If it's thin and sexy, this thing could seriously be getting bought. But before having the phone in my hand, I have to be a bit weary of Asus phones. Never used one before. Did the last Padfone run stock Android, or was it slightly skinned?

  • Yep me too. And I really hope I can buy it this time. :-D

  • @ StefanI was counting on a comment from you bro! Glad you didn't let me down :-D

    All 3 of your points are also valid ones as well, especially concerning the keyboard and tablet mode.

    That being said, I wouldn't count on it being compatible with the previous one. Perhaps the keyboard dock will be.

    That being said, I'm STOKED about the new hardware!

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