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Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football!
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Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football!

The 3D-HD games are making a breakthrough onto the Android scene! After a lot of anticipation new quality games are going to come to Android this year. For all you sport fans out there, this year promises to be a great one for new killer sport games. The first step in that direction has already been made by American Football Simulation Backbreaker, a game full of quick moves, impressive sprints and attitude. Find out if this game is an absolute must-have in our test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1 1.4.2

Features & Use

American football is by far one of the most popular sports in the States, which draws massive crowds to stadiums across the country. The game is all about strategy, fouls and tackling. Football is all about tackling people to the crowd in the harshest way possible. This is exactly what the concept behind Backbreaker is. As a player you don’t have to tackle anyone. Your role is to evade your opponents.

First off, you have to customize your own player by selecting the following:

  • Name
  • Skin tone
  • Jersey number
  • Team mascot

You can test out your skills with three difficulty levels:

  • Rookie
  • Pro
  • Hardcore

You need to complete several beginner levels before you can unlock Pro and Hardcore levels. You can play in either Challenge or Endurance mode. In Challenge Mode you have to make it through a challenge consisting of 10 waves. As a Rookie or Pro you have four tries to complete the challenge. When playing in Hardcore mode you only get one single attempt.

In Endurance mode you have to play through all 70 waves at once without the luxury of taking a break. This mode is extremely fun but challenging. Again as Rookie or Pro you get five tries and only one attempt in Hardcore mode. If you happen to complete Endurance Mode, you can unlock more playing materials. I didn’t manage to succeed, but perhaps some of you will have better luck than me.

So what’s the actual point of the game? It's real simple! You have to try and get around your opponents to score a touchdown with as much attitude and style as possible. You’ve got two moves available to accomplish this task. Using a juke or spin move you can trick and confuse your opponent. With sprints you can outrun the other team’s players. Once you’ve made it pass all your opponents, you can take your time to by showing off with a little showboating. This way you can collect some extra points at the end and make it onto the Global Highscores ranking.

It should be mentioned that Backbreaker requires 30 MB of internal memory! Froyo-Users should let me know if they have been successful at installing this app onto their SD cards.

Screen & Controls

The texture and graphics are really cool and a lot of attention to detail was paid! It’s quite simply a top-notch game! The stadium noise is realistic, you can see the fans in the stands and even the field looks genuine.
After playing through wave, you can watch a recap of your moves and tackles.

During the game you can tell your progress in the game towards the bottom of the screen. Your remaining attempts and time left to play are also displayed at the bottom. The game play is amazing! The Backbreaker controls are very intuitive. You simply tilt your phone in the direction you would like to move. That’s it! The control buttons for moves, sprints and showboating are well-placed and easy to reach.

Bottom Line:

Smart animation physics and amazing controls. What more could one wish for? Personally, I can’t think of much. Obviously, it would be remarkable to be able to set up a local multiplayer game to spend an afternoon playing against real opponents. All in all, the graphics, controls and the entire game play make this game into an Android masterpiece!

Speed & Stability

Backbreaker ran smoothly on my HTC Desire. I'm not sure about the performance quality on first generation devices. Please leave a comment if you've had any experience with it. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Backbreaker can be downloaded for $2,99 from the Android Market. 


Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football! Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football! Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football! Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football! Backbreaker Football - Hardcore American Football!

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  • Main downside is the amounts of internal memory needed (over 32mb).. would be nice if most of the game could be downloaded to SD card like other games in the Market.