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Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Backgrounds—don't you find they sometimes speak volumes of who the users are and what they find aesthetically pleasing or humourful? My dad has a picture of my sister and I on his Galaxy Nexus and I remember feeling quite chuffed upon discovering this, despite the fact that my sister and I are both adults by now. A pal of mine recently showed me his wallpaper and it was a picture of a cat tattoo on some guy's belly, and the guy's belly button served as an anatomic element of the cat's posterior. Gross!

Anyway, if you too are a wallpaper fan read on for our review of Backgrounds HD Wallpapers, a tool that brings a ton of new image options to your Android device.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.1 2.0.7

Features & Use

As soon as you start up the app you will see the newest wallpaper additions. Seeing as there are already well over 10 000 images on board, and new ones being added every day, you needn't worry about running out of pictures to discover and look at.

Images are categorised into a number of groups including Funny, Cute, Flowers, Christmas, Military, Money... you get the picture (all 10 000+ of them!).

A search function is provided to help you find whatever it might be that you're looking for.

Once a pic has been selected it can be set as your background, contact photo, or favourite. The latter can then be transformed into a slideshow which can be activated to rotate daily, every 12 hours or every hour.

Bottom line:

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers is a must have for wallpaper enthusiasts. There are so many images to choose from that everyone is sure to find at least one they like. And what's more: the app is totally free. Well worth it overall.


Screen & Controls

The Backgrounds HD Wallpapers design makes a good impression in the sense that it's nice and tidy. My only critique would be that I found the font to be slightly too large.

Controls are good overall.


Speed & Stability

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers is stabile and speedy to boot.


Price/Performance Ratio

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers is free and download-able from Google Play.



Backgrounds HD Wallpapers Backgrounds HD Wallpapers


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