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Bacterium FREE -- Outbreak 2011!

Emergency Room, Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. House and, lest we forget, Scrubs—all of them popular shows in which the patient’s health is either top priority or the butt of many a joke. Now it’s your turn to slip into the role of a physician fighting dangerous viruses and bacteria that are out to attack the entire immune system.

Bacterium FREE is packed to the brim with pills and other concoctions for you to use against the nasty germs in order to make it to the next level.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.0 2.3

Features & Use

When Aspirin just won’t cut it any more it’s time to pull out the big guns and go for the hard stuff: whether you opt for scalpel or drug therapy depends on how much pocket change you have.

Pills vs. Germs
In Bacterium FREE there’s a pill against every last nasty virus: the little critters are blown up until they simply give up. What makes the whole thing more complicated is the brigade of other germs that keep popping up left, right and centre.

Make money and spend it wisely

Every time you complete a level successfully some money will appear in your account. Spend this money to buy more material to use to fight the germs & co.; with products ranging from scalpels to full system flushes, there’s a lot to choose from. If ever you don’t have enough to buy what you need you can go back and play a previous level again and be awarded more dosh.

Little helpers and weapons
There are a lot of things that can help you fight off bacteria. Certain tools that can only be used once may be cheaper but not necessarily viable long-term. Here’s a list of some of the available tools:

• Stimulant – One tap on the display suffices to unleash a bit of energy
• System Flush – Kills off pills that have been previously administered
• Medication Alteration – All available medication is turned the same colour
• Scalpel
• Full System Flush
• Super Scalpel

Tools that are at your disposal on a permanent basis might turn out to be more interesting. Once you’ve purchased them you will be able to use them time and time again. But you need enough money to purchase them in the first place…

• Heat System
• Reverse Magnets
• Adjust System Heat
• Triple Dose
• Moveable Magnets
• Dissolvable Meds
• Weaken Bacteria

Less is more—the OD Meter

A mighty dose of drugs might kill off a few germs, but your immune system won’t thank you for it. The OD Meter lets you know as soon as you’ve overtaxed the host; the game starts over from the beginning when you do.

Bottom line:
Bacterium FREE is a fun game for whenever you need something to fill in the blanks, i.e. whenever you’re looking to make time pass a bit faster. It seems like we are being bombarded by new deadly strands every day, so living out your phobia of bacteria virtually may be a good antidote to running around clutching Sagrotan to your chest.


• You get to play doctor (not in the kinky way, get your minds out of the gutter!)
• Easy gameplay
• Lots of items to choose from
•Runs as of Android 1.5


• Available in English only

Screen & Controls

Sick design
And that’s a good thing! The Bacteria FREE germs are absolutely repulsive to behold—it feels good to toss a good round of drugs their way.

Point and shoot—controls

That basically sums up Bacterium FREE’s gameplay. Match the colour of the virus to the colour of one of your pills, aim and fire. Use trick shots to get the nasty little ones that are hiding.
Weapons are even more effective against germs. By tapping on the screen your scalpel will cause the germ to explode.

Speed & Stability

Bacterium FREE runs very well, without crashing or lagging, unless you are using weaker Android devices such as the T-Mobile G1 / Android 2.2.

Price/Performance Ratio

Bacterium FREE can be downloaded for free from the Google Market or App Center.


Bacterium FREE -- Outbreak 2011! Bacterium FREE -- Outbreak 2011!

1 Comment

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