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BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops
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BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops

Basketball has been always been a big part of life. Growing up outside of Chicago during the Michael Jordan era made me appreciate the beauty of the sport as a young Bulls fan. During Phil Jackson’s reign over arguably one of the best basketball teams in history, I was glued to the television screen each spring to watch the NBA playoffs.

Since I’ve never been very good (despite being tall and lanky) on the court, I decided to test my skills with BasketBall – an app with a very self-explanatory name.

Find out more about this addictive game in today’s test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.4.3 1.4.6

Features & Use

BasketBall is a very straight-forward casual Android game. You can start playing right away without having to read though rules or tutorials. The aim of the game is simple: shoot balls into the hoop from different positions on the court. The ball can go in directly or bounce off the court – it doesn’t make a difference either way.

BasketBall is similar to shooting hoops at an arcade or your local county fair where you have to score as many balls as possible. That’s the basic premise behind BasketBall except for the fact that your position on the court is constantly changing. This means that you have to use a different tactic every time.

You earn points for every successful shot. There are also bonus points called multiples that increase with the number of consecutive shots.

You can play with different time limits:

  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes

 Moreover, you can compare your skills against either the computer or random online users. Some levels can only be played once you’ve attained a specific high score.

BasketBall is a really solid casual game for everyone. It requires a great amount of skill and concentration in order to perfect your shots from every possible angle. It’s a great game to spend the time, but be warned – the game is dangerously addictive!
Finally, the game’s physics engine is accurate and very realistic.


Screen & Controls

BaskeBall’s graphics are pleasing to the eye, but nothing over the top. The physics engine used with this game is what makes playing BasketBall so much fun.

To be totally honest, the developer could’ve put more effort into creating better-looking buttons. The text on the button Single Player Consecutive Modes was a bit truncated and difficult to read. On top of that, I found the settings to be extremely confusing. I tried and failed to figure out how they worked.

I did, however, enjoy the multiplayer mode.

Otherwise I didn’t notice any major problems with the UD in terms of usability, which is the most important thing. As a result, I’ve decided to give this game four stars, but it was really close to scoring just three.


Speed & Stability

BasketBall runs both quickly and smoothly. I’m not a professional on the subject, but the physics engine seemed to be really top-notch. Everything works without any glitches, bugs, lags or anything else. The game takes up 6MB on your phone. Compare to other games that’s not all that bad.


Price/Performance Ratio

BasketBall costs €1.19 ( ~$1.70) on the Android Market and the AndroidPIT App Center. A reasonable price for quality entertainment.



BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops BasketBall - Let's Go Shoot Some Hoops

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