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Battery Monitor Widget – Energy Stats

Battery Monitor Widget – Energy Stats

Love smartphones, hate dying batteries. Energy vampire apps contribute to the problem of batteries dying prematurely. What better way to counteract apps that suck the battery dry than something along te lines of Battery Monitor Widget, a clever application that keeps an eye on your battery stats for you. Read on for more infos!



Reviewed version Latest version
2.2.3 3.21.8

Features & Use

Battery Monitor Widget is more than just a widget: it's a tool that analyses and displays your battery stats.


The widget is only 1x1 but it conveniently displays all vital stats. The current battery level is displayed as procent and current discharge in mA. These are the standard settings which can also be adjusted if you so wish.


Calibrating manually yields more accurate data, such as battery capacity and output voltage. The app automatically establishes these values, but they can be changed manually in case of some kind of error.


Statistics lovers—rejoice! For with Batter Monitor Widget you'll be rolling in stats galore. The app displays everything related to the battery: for average consumption to estimated time it will take for the device to recharge. Statistics are conveniently shown in table form and other visual forms.
One of the app's most useful features is the battery life estimator, as well as the main drainer detector: i.e. Battery Monitor Widget will help you identify which app is consuming the most power.


The History affords a detailed overview of the battery's cycles, displayed in a table showing 10 minute intervals.

Pro version advantages

Ad banners aren't featured in the pro version and it comes with more size choices for widgets (2x1, 3x1 and 4x1). All data can be exported to System Tuner Pro and the app can manage a massive amount of different batteries.


Bottom line:

Battery Monitor Widget is a great option for users who wish to keep a watch over their battery life. The widget can be personalised according to your preferences – design-wise, that is – and if you want a few more widget options (or are looking to support the developer) we recommend going for the pro version.


Screen & Controls

Battery Monitor Widget controls meets ICS standards but it is as easy as ever to use.
The widget can be fully personalised. There are 13 different widget styles to choose from (ICS, Glass, etc.) , but of course the app is more about functionality than design.


Speed & Stability

Battery Monitor Widget performs very well and is fluid and stabile. It consumes very little energy on the Galaxy Nexus.


Price/Performance Ratio

Battery Monitor Widget can be found in the AndroidPIT App Center for free.



Battery Monitor Widget – Energy Stats Battery Monitor Widget – Energy Stats

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    It seems to be a good battery monitoring program, it offers a lot of important information. I want to use it for a while, and then I will come back with a conclusion.

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