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Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space!
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Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space!

I was perusing the AndroidPIT App Center, hunting for a fun app to review for today when I came across Baviux. The Market description sparked my interest, and after a thorough testing round I can safely say: Baviux is a blast! Find out more in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.06 2.06

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Tab / Android Version: 2.2 / Root: Yes / Modificationens (CPU changes, etc.): OCLF Lag-Fix
App details: Usable as of: Android 1.6 / Authorizations: SystemTools, Network communication

A happy little tune greets you when you go to the game’s main menu, setting the tone for what the game is like: lots of fun, but challenging, too. This is a great recipe for an app that has that ‘I’m completely obsessed with this game’ factor.

The game’s intro sets the scene:
Baviux are small blue creatures that were removed from their planet and taken as slaves. Now, with your help, they can go back to home...

The controls bar is located at the bottom of the display. The light green buttons on the left and right allow you to project air upwards, allowing you to push the little Baviux right up in to the air. The closer the Baviux are to the jets, the higher they will be catapulted up into the air. Keep the zero gravity in mind, though.

The Baviux can also be navigated by tilting your device. If you rotate your device until the display is facing upwards the Baviux will float in the playing field. By then rotating it to the left or right or activating the jets you can navigate the little grey/red/blue space capsules. Every capsule is meant to house a Baviux. At the beginning of the game there’s only one capsule and Baviux, but the number keeps increasing as you play. The goal of the game is to escort every Baviux into its own space capsule.

Does that sound a wee bit too simplistic to you? The developers have come up with a few factors that will make your task a bit more challenging: the annoying little green fellows that float around the galaxy along with the Baviux are called Waviuz. Their purpose in life seems to be to get on the player’s nerves by bumping into the Baviux or trying to squeeze into the capsules. If one the little blighters succeeds in scoring a ride in a capsule--don’t worry too much, as all you have to do is rotate your device and the Waviuz will fall back out. Keep in mind that if a Baviux is also on board it, too, will tumble out. You will also come up against a few obstacles along the way; the Baviux simply bounce off these obstacles.

The ones you really need to watch out for are the Maviucks. If one of these nasty things manages to get on board it will emit an evil cackle and a ‘punishment’ will appear in the middle of the controls bar. Such punishments include changing the gravity, turning the Baviux into rubber balls, etc. And to make matters worse, the Maviucks will reappear as soon as soon as these effects have worn off—not a moment’s peace!

Bottom line:

Baviux is quite simply lots of fun. It’s gameplay is a nice and simple one, and once that will get you hooked so that you can easily spend a few hours enjoying this game. That being said, more diversity in the different levels would be more than welcome…


Screen & Controls

Please see the previous section for a more detailed description of controls. In a nutshell: they’re good, they’re simple, they’re fun. Visually Baviux's design is basic but quite sweet nonetheless.

Speed & Stability

Baviux ran really well and without crashing. There are virtually no waiting periods for things to load.

Price/Performance Ratio

Baviux can be downloaded for free from the AndroidPIT App Center. There is an ad banner.


Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space! Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space! Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space! Baviux - Litte blue creatures in outer space!


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