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Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun
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Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun

Ever heard of ‘Beer Pong’? Surely you”ve been to a party and thought to yourself ‘Hey, wouldn”t it be fun to throw ping pong balls into glasses filled with beer? I bet all my friends would want to join in’. Sounds ludicrous? Well, it’s not, it’s actually as fun as a barrel of monkeys, especially seeing as each time a person scores they get to drink the glass of beer.

Beer Pong HD is now available for Android. Find out if it’s worth your time by reading today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.8 2.3

Features & Use

Test device: HTC Desire
Android version: 2.3.5
Mods: Root, CM7 Custom ROM

A stern word of advice before we start off: this game is only for fun – kids, don’t drink before the legal drinking age! And above all else, don’t drink and drive! The Beer Pong HD developers agree and issue a word of warning at the beginning of the app.

Let’s move on to the main menu. Hit ‘Play’ and select a game mode: singleplayer, multiplayer or ‘Choose Table’. If you opt for singlepalyer wou will have to select your opponent’s strength in the sub-menu; there are four levels to choose from, though please note the I found the ‘Easy Opponent’ and ‘Medium Opponent’ to be pretty easy. You can also choose to play with ten, six or three glasses.

I tried out the online multiplayer option and noticed a funny little quirk: whenever my Beer Pong pal and I started the multiplayer mode at the same time we could actually play against each other (using two seperate phones) via the internet – and it works really well!

The gameplay is slightly reminiscent of Angry Birds in the sense that you have a ball that you pull on to create a tension and then let go in order to throw it at the glass.

Every time a ball lands in a glass the glass disappears from the table. The first player to eliminate all of the glasses from the table wins.

A bar at the top of the display shows current game information such as your score as well as factors that will influence your score, such as ‘x2’. At least, that’s what I asserted whilst playing – the truth is that I could find any explanations anywhere... Very odd.

Bottom line:
Codeglue have created a great way to waste a bit of time – Beer Pong HD is fun to play and the graphics as well as physics engine are superbe.
The game really has a lot going for it, but the missing explanations are a major let-down. Some of the numbers that pop up in the display are downright confusing.
I have a huge soft spot for the AndroidPIT table which is - it goes without saying - super cute!

Screen & Controls

The Beer Pong HD design is pretty great - panorama photos, need I say more? - and the physics engine is as realistic as it gets.
There are instructions (in English), but, as mentioned, a few things don’t get explained and it’s rather confusing.

Speed & Stability

Beer Pong HD takes 12 seconds to start, but aside from this it does very well in this category. The game runs as smooth as it gets and didn’t crash once.

Price/Performance Ratio

There’s a free version of Beer Pong HD available, with ad banners. You can buy an ad-free version for 99 EUR Cent from the Market or the AndroidPIT App Center. More logos for the game tables are available for 69 EUR Cent.


Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun Beer Pong HD – Beer + Ping Pong Balls = Fun

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