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Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play!
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Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play!

We all know them. Some of us hate them, some of us love them. I'm talking about endless games like ''Temple Run'' and ''DoodleJump'', which always manage to acquire a huge fan-base, even though the game principal is always the same. Why this is and what Benji Bananas really offers, you'll find out in my app test review.

Benji Bananas, that's what they called this endless game. If you've hear the name and seen the logo, you already know what the game is about. You are playing the role of a monkey, who needs to swing Tarzan style from vine to vine, while collecting bananas.  


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Features & Use

The graphics are made up here of a very nice looking comic style, which works well with the principal of the game. There were no highlights rich with details, which actually wouldn't have been even necessary for this game. You soon discover that catching the right swing tempo, meaning when to let go of the vine, is quite a difficult task. If you perform the swings perfectly, the player gets a multiplicator, which will augment the amount of overall bananas. If you miss the next vine, your multiplicator will stay at the same level. Here I would point out that the steering functioned very well and was well maintained. By tapping once on the screen, Benji grabs onto the next vine and swings further. If you want to let go of the vine and catch the next one, you simply need to tap on the screen again, but at the right moment of course. So far so good.

Everything sound relatively simple so far and not too exhausting. The scenery on the other hand does end up changing every hundred meters. When you get to the second level for example, there are nettle bushes, which take away from your swing. In the third level, there are even snakes, which can be easily mistaken for a vine, which detach, letting you plummet to the ground. As the game goes on, you need to be wary of your surroundings and not be tricked by snakes and bushes. This allows the game to remain exciting and motivating and you can complete up to 3 mission at the same time. As soon as you've finished a level , you get a new extra bananas for a second time. As soon as you've completed enough missions, you go up a level and power-ups are unlocked, which you can also buy. You'll find these while playing the game. For example, these allow you to invite two monkey friends to your side, who linger around just in case to shoot you back in the air when you miss a vine.

You can also use the bananas to buy longer vines or other hangers, in order to stay in the air for a longer period of time.

Bottom Line

Benji Bananas got itself in the list of endless games and has reeled in loads of fans. Personally, I find that swinging from vine to vine is a really good idea for a endless and long skill game. This app brings a lot of fresh things with it and offers an excellent alternative to other existing games in that genre.

Screen & Controls

Benji Bananas is easily controlled and really won me over with its innovative ideas, even though it's mixed with the old and crusty game principal we’ve already seen a thousand times. The comic graphics work perfectly and the menus and signs are well incorporated.

Speed & Stability

Benji Bananas worked really well, without any hitches or snags.

Price/Performance Ratio

Benji Bananas can be installed for free in the Google Play Store. Just to let you know, there is in-app purchasing within this endless game, which means it is a big advantage to have real money. These power-ups are optional, but they do make the game easier for you. Apps do need to get financed somehow, so I don't think it's too much for them to aks for. On the other hand, it isn't the most positive aspect of the game.


Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play! Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play! Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play! Benji Bananas: the next endless game to play!

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