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Worryingly bendy iPad Pro is 'normal', according to Apple
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Worryingly bendy iPad Pro is 'normal', according to Apple

Your brand new iPad Pro is finally here. You can't wait to set it up and use it, check out its small bezels around the display and hold the famous Apple Pen, impatiently take it out of its box and take it to the...wait... how is it possible that it's already bent? Don't worry, Apple reassures its users: "This is normal".

Apple had to answer the umpteenth accusation: according to many users on social media and on MacRumors forums, some iPad Pro models bent spontaneously without any kind of maltreatment, others say it even arrived malformed in the sales packaging. Apple itself confirms it, but doesn't seem to get what all the fuss is about.

bend 2
This iPad Pro was found bent by our colleagues at The Verge. / © The Verge

Along with the mince pies, this year Apple is definitely smelling yet another #bendgate. After the sad impression made by Cupertino's tablet in the hands of Zack of YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything, now it seems that more and more users are complaining about the ease with which the new iPad Pro can bend.

Remember that the new iPad Pro both Wi-Fi and LTE measure only a little more than 5mm thick and this factor must probably be the main cause of the extreme fragility of the device. Apple said that users may receive a slightly curved iPad Pro, but that this is due to the production process. The curvature would be due to the process of assembling the metal and plastics of the tablet, and also according to the company this curvature should not worsen with time or impact the performance of the device.

A not exactly "light" curvature. / © MacRumors

We remind you that iPad Pro in 11" Wi-Fi version is sold at a base price of $800 and can easily climb up close to $2000 for higher configurations. For that amount a user should demand perfection in my opinion, fortunately Apple is still accepting to replace the affected devices if presented to the store within the period of 14 days of purchase.

What do you think of the matter? Have you already tried the new iPad Pro?

Source: The Verge


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