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Best multiplayer games on Android

Best multiplayer games on Android

Just because your smartphone has a much smaller screen than your home PC or TV screen doesn't mean there's not enough room on it to fit in some serious two-or-more-player fun. In fact, multiplayer gaming on the platform is flourishing thanks to some truly iconic online Android games that have arisen in recent years. Even if you don't have internet, there are plenty of local multiplayer Android games that you can enjoy with friends. Online or offline - we have it all in our list of the best multiplayer games for Android.

Battle Slimes

Fantastic though online games are, there's nothing quite like being in the same room with up to four other people, and seeing each others' reactions as you battle against each other. That's the basic premise of Battle Slimes, a four-player local multiplayer game, in which players - on their own devices - picks a colored 'slime' and then do battle against each other in an assortment of arenas. The controls are simple, and a selection of power-ups add to the chaotic fun. Perfect for playing with friends and family - particularly if you're on a long, dreary journey together.

androidpit battle slimes
Simple, free arena fighting in Battle Slimes - best enjoyed with a few friends in a room. / © Dodreams Ltd.

Clash of Clans

This one goes without saying. The massively popular online strategy game is not something you play with two or three people, but thousands around the world. Raise your village, then raze other players' villages with the army that you create. There are no computer-controlled characters in this game, so you get the satisfaction of knowing that every conquest you carry out is over another actual human being, probably crying in frustration at the destruction you just brought on them. What could be more satisfying than that?

Raise your village and your army so you can raze others to the ground in Clash of Clans. / © AndroidPIT

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

As with the previous game on this list, we'd be remiss not to include this - what with it being one of the most feverishly popular games on the planet. Enter a block-filled world, in which you explore vast lands filled with other players and monsters, while building homes, castles or whatever structure you like for your block-person to play around in. In the Pocket Edition, you can choose between the challenging Survival Mode, or the Creative Mode - which focuses more on the building side of things. There are plenty of other players in the world with you - and it's up to you whether they become your friends or foes.

androidpit minecraft pocket edition
Minecraft needs no introduction. It's one of the most popular games in the world with good reason. / © Mojang


Coming back to local multiplayer games, and Spaceteam is easily among the best there is. In this 2-4-player game, each player on their own device controls part of a spaceship control panel - featuring switches, sliders, and other twiddly old-school spaceship bits. Once the game starts, it becomes a shout-fest as together you try to keep the spaceship from crashing by yelling commands like 'Slide the Technothrostle to 3!' to each other. It's a great co-operative experience, and intense in a way incomparable to anything else on Android.

androidpit spaceteam
Spaceteam is one of the most fun chaotic games you can enjoy with other people in the same room. / © Henry Smith

Worms 3

This classic can be picked up for a bargain on the Play Store now. In case you're not familiar with Worms, you control a team of four cartoon invertebrates armed to the teeth (yes, worms do have teeth in this world) with weapons like bazookas, banana bombs and... sheep. You can play locally against up to three other friends over Bluetooth, or online. Best of all, because the game is turn-based you can have asynchronous online matches, which means you can take your turns in your own time.

androidpit worms 3
Worms 3 lets you play multiplayer locally, or have asynchronous online matches. / © Team 17 Digital Limited

Do you hook up with friends to game online on your Android device? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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  • i like worms 3... ithink its amazing....

  • Most multiplayer games attempt to foster interaction and coordination among the players. One basic technique to encourage cooperative playing is introduction of difficulties or hurdles in the game which can't be resolved alone.