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The best Android tablets to buy in 2019

The best Android tablets to buy in 2019

The tablet world is no longer as versatile as it once was. And yet there is still choice and more than just an operating system. We show you the best tablets - with Android, Windows and Apple.

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The best iPads

Apple has changed the tablet market with its iPads with iOS. Even many Android users now use iPads when it comes to tablets. With iPadOS, the operating system should be even better adapted to the tablets. These are our three favorites:

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is Apple's largest tablet. You can choose between an 11" and a 12.9" display. The latter combined with a keyboard really makes the iPad a laptop. You can also use the Apple Pencil to write and draw on the tablet - although this is no longer a unique feature of the Pro model. The iPad Pro powered by the A12X Bionic can be unlocked via Face ID.

Apple iPadOS Today View 060319
The screen on the iPad will look like this in the future. / © Apple

iPad Air (2019)

The iPad Air grew in 2019 and now offers a 10.5-inch retina display. Apple has also narrowed the edges here, so it's still a compact size - after all, iPad Air has been especially thin and lightweight since its launch, similar to MacBook Air. The A12 Bionic processor sits under the hood and Apple promises up to ten hours of battery life. New on the 2019 model: the Apple Pencil can now also be used with the iPad Air.

iPad Mini (2019)

The iPad Mini has always been popular because of its size. The latest Mini was long awaited and now also runs with the A12 Bionic. The screen is 7.9 inches and it is also a Retina display with True Tone. Apple now also allows the Pencil to be used here. The small iPad should also offer up to ten hours of battery life.

The best Android tablets

Of course Android also runs on tablets and there are interesting options in this area as well, of which we present three here:

Samsung Galaxy S5e

Samsung has launched several new Galaxy tablets this year. The Samsung Galaxy S5e is in itself a premium device, with its unibody housing made of aluminum. Fingerprint sensors and face unlocks are also available, as is a 10.5-inch OLED display. And yet the S5e is designed for those who don't need the best hardware performance. Here is the Snapdragon 670 with 4 or 6 GB RAM. The battery, however, lasts for over 14 hours - and that's quite impressive.

samsung galaxy tab s5e front3
Mid-range hardware with a premium face. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei MediaPad M5

The MediaPad M5 from Huawei was one of the stars at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. The tablet does not only have a good display and a chic housing, but also continues the legacy of the M3: It has four great speakers made by Harman Kardon. No other tablet can currently offer that. The good thing about the MediaPad M5 is that Huawei gives the customer the choice: If you need a little more power and memory, you can use the MediaPad M5 Pro, which also comes with a stylus. Both models are available with an optional LTE slot. And those who like to work on the tablet can get the matching cover with a real keyboard.

Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire devices are certainly not the best tablets on the market if you just look at the specifications. Whether it's the Fire 7 or the Fire HD 10, Amazon doesn't opt for the strongest chipsets, and it's noticeable in everyday use. And yet the devices are interesting. Especially if you use a lot of Amazon offers, e.g. watching movies via Prime. But also if you would like to have a tablet for simple tasks and don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

The best Microsoft tablets

Microsoft may no longer play a role in the smartphone world, but the manufacturer is still well on its way with Surface devices. Thanks to the S version of Windows 10, you have a system here that is very similar to the one on your home PC.

Microsoft Surface Go

The Surface Go is Microsoft's challenge to the iPad. The Surface Go comes in netbook format with a 10 inch display. The 500 gram Surface offers 4 or 8 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB memory. The Surface Go has hardly any connections on board, in keeping with modern trends. There is a USB-C port, a jack socket and a slot for a memory card, plus the proprietary port for the charger or the dock. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, the stylus can also be used with the Surface Go.

AndroidPIT Microsoft Surface Go 7079
Surface Go is also convertible to a laptop. / © AndroidPIT

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is of course more powerful than the Surface Go. There is a choice of 8 or 16 GB RAM. Up to 1 TB are available as read-only memory! The display is 12.3 inches and the device runs Windows 10 Home. So you have a full-fledged laptop in your hand. But the weight is still just under the 1 kilo mark.

Do you use a tablet? Which one did you choose? Let us know in the comments.

This article will be updated regularly. Some comments may therefore be taken out of context.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 works fine for me ($100 at Best Buy, WiFi Only)

  • DickB 7 months ago Link to comment

    Galaxy Tab S4 with keyboard is a great tablet. Bought a new one, with Samsung keyboard, for $500 on Ebay in May. SD 845 & headphone jack. I think it is superior to the S5e you listed.

  • These days smartphone displays itself are quite large and due to better - bazel less construction are compact enough to provide an immersive and delightful media consumption experience, specially with stereo speakers, Amoled displays with HDR 10 and reliable battery life accompanied by fast charging.

  • LALJI 7 months ago Link to comment


  • storm 7 months ago Link to comment

    The Surface Go with a linux install is an interesting proposition.

    The 5Se is certainly the best Android Tablet value right now.

    Huawei tablet suport is abysmal in my experience. And the aftermarket is no better, especially so since Huawei killed unlock support for the bootloader.

  • I had Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, which was excellent in performance. I had added several games on it still it had been working smooth. I hadn't faced hang problems.

  • Thanks much informative

  • Alex Dec 14, 2018 Link to comment

    My Samsung Galaxy s7 could perform faster, but I love it anyways

  • It's a same that Google Abandoned the Android tablet. They never really tried to make it a success. I wish Samsung would take the lead and start updating their tablets with current OS and TODAY's specs. I long for a new 7 inch to replace my Nexus'!!!

  • Sorin Jan 6, 2018 Link to comment

    The Yoga Book tablet is interesting, but unfortunately Android does not succeed in highlighting the true potential of tablets.

  • Agree that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best tablet out there, followed closely by the Tab S2. In fact the Tab S2 64GB version (which I have) may be a better buy if the S-pen isn't important to you. I wouldn't consider upgrading to the S3 unless there was a 64GB version. Also, the Samsung keyboard Folio Cover is now only $64.

  • Thanks For Sharing an Amazing Article.

  • storm May 2, 2017 Link to comment

    The shield tablet is getting long in the tooth. The hardware is three years old now. Doen't say much for the Android tablet market that this is still a top pick. My K1is getting buggy. I think the RAM is failing based on how and when it crashes.

    • There aren't many good tablets for gaming on the market, sadly. The Acer Predator 8 from 2015 is interesting, and it runs Android. The Razer Edge Pro runs Windows, so that's not too exciting to me as an Android fan. Have you been impressed by any other gaming tablets?

    • Mine is crazy laggy

  • What? Nexus 6p phone is by far the best. Samsung is filled with bloatware that runs your battery down in no time. The fact that you didn't even include it in your survey truly surprises me.

  • I love my lenovo tablet though

  • Wow I can't believe that the Galaxy S2 8.9 isn't included

  • ohhh my god scott atleast add samsung tabs

  • Find it strange that you've not checked out the HUAWEI Media8 pad, it's quality is actually better than any you've mentioned already & has an extremely impressive spec. Esp.when you take into account its price against all of the above!
    Most definitely one not to miss!

  • Asus need some uptates.

  • sony is amazing

  • The 12" Jide Remix Ultra Tablet for $350 most outlets. Runs Remix OS, a customized Lollipop (Marshmallow coming) providing multi-tasking with movable Windows and task bar. Top build quality, comes with keyboard and Surface-like backside kickstand. MicroSD. Micro USB OTG. Magnetic power adapter. 2GB RAM, 64GB storage. Great company with support via Facebook, email, Telegram. I have two iPads, a Chuwi dual OS with Windows 10- but the Remix UT is the first device I reach for.

  • I have the Samsung pro s, and happy whit that,but as soon Lg come out with a pad 2/3GB ram and 32GB Internal storage her in Norway i will buy it. (but not larger than 8.4")

  • Android App Development Company - With android OS commanding a massive lead in usage, global businesses need professional Android app development company as partner to draft & execute mobile strategy. At MobileAPPtelligence, we deliver the apps, which keep our clients ahead of the curve. mobileapptelligence[dot]com @mobileapptelli

  • I think you might have forgotten about the Asus Zenpad S 8.0....

  • Note Pro 12.2 is what I have and I have been very happy. Would have considered the View but spec's to Low. This is not a Mobil device in my opinion. If you hold it a while you will know what I mean. My application is on my desk on a stand with bose bluetooth speaker and Samsung S Mouse and I'm loving it. From my Transformer day's I would not do anything with only 2 gb Ram very frustrating. I use mine for any and all things android including phone calls through a app and texting. So to me this stands out among the list for my application. I certainly hope Samsung will give us a new Note Pro edition.

  • I didn't see anything about a kindle fire 9.7HD3rd Addison.what are your feelings on them

  • Where is the Nokia N1. I'd love to see it on the list. It is one of the best tablet I've ever owned. It runs smooth and it has a great design though identical to the Apple. All of them say it looks like an ipad
    But I feel it is a lot like the iPhone 6 or the 6 plus but a lot larger.

  • With its Quad-Core 2.3 GHz, ultra thin and waterproof features, I got my Sony Xperia Z2 for keeps.

  • Luka Jun 21, 2015 Link to comment

    On the last tablet there's a little mistake. "Operating system and UI: Android 4.4.2 Jelly Bean"
    Did you mean KitKat?
    Anyway, I have Tab 4 7.0 and it's a great little tablet. It's 4000mAh battery lasts for around 2 days of medium to heavy use. Only thing missing there is Lollipop.

  •   2
    Deactivated Account Jun 21, 2015 Link to comment

    I own both versions of the Note 10.1 (2013 and 2014), The Note Pro 12.2, and the Nvidia Shield. I Use the Pro and the Shield as my primary and gave the two 10.1 Notes to my siblings. IMO, I am head over heals for the Note Pro, and honestly don't ever think I could live without the SPen or multi window, especially after root. As a power user, there is just no comparison. The Nvidia SHield, w/ Controller, is so convenient and the power and gaming is still mind blowing. I will say tho, I feel that your average user may struggle with the SHield, as it does take some tinkering here and there to take advantage of its potential. I notice a lot of people that are not real into this tech get frustrated with things on this tablet as there is some "no how"required. I got to test most tablets out and the screen on the S is stunning, best i've experienced, but, in my case, is not that much better that it offsets all the Pro brings to the table. Everyone has different needs and uses, but for me its all about power, multitask, and convenience. The shield is just a blast if you spring for the controller.

    • Yes killer feature on Note tablets is the great mult-tasking. Unlike ipad pro which has only limited split screen support, Note pro has split screen, 4-way screen as well as floating window. In addition it also has mouse support, which is missing on ipad pro. And cost about 1/2 of an ipad pro as well

  • Two thoughts: 1) if I were to cough up the money some of these cost I would spring for a dual OS running Android and Windows 8.1 ... just sayin' ... and 2) Micosoft's excellent Office for Android apps are free for tablets like 10 inches or less - which might be worth factoring in. (I'm not sure if that includes all those 10.1" tablets out there - anyone know?)

  • z4 tablet??
    the one to rule them all

  • I have the note 10.1 4G, which I got a few years ago. Till this day no problems and proccess anything I throw at it, best investment I've made. I wouldn't mind a newer tablet just for the asthetics but I see no point as it still does evening. another main reason I've stuck with this tablet is also the two front facing speakers which are excellent for watching video content, many other tablets lack in the sound department.

  • how could you miss Xiaomi's Mi Pad ???

  • liljom Apr 15, 2015 Link to comment

    If you could remove the Note Pro 12.2, that would be nice. I just sold a Tab S 10.5 to get the huge Note Pro, and I'm very disappointed. After opening the browser the first time, I was like, let's check the screen resolution on the web, because I thought it's 2560*1600. It is, but it uses pentile subpixel matrix, which is not as detailed, as it could be with normal RGB.
    The other thing is the touch responsiveness. I experienced the same with the 2014 Note. I just try to use the screen as I used to with my G Pro 2, or on the Tab S, but it doesn't react, so I loose a lot of resource in my time sensitive game. Quite annoying.
    I expected a more for the money they ask for this device.

  • Love my my Note 10.1 2014, now Sammy got to come across with 5.1 and skip 5.0!

  • And where is Sony xperia Z3?

  • I have owned the Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet and it is a very nice Tablet, but I sold it after buying the Tab S 10.5 LTE Tablet from Sprint.

    And by far the Tab S is the better Tablet except of course not having a S Pen, after holding on to both Tablets for an extended period of time the Note 10.1 2014 is definitely heavier than the Tab S .

    After all is said and done I'm happy with my decision to buy the Tab S 10.5 LTE model and selling my Note 10.1 2014.

  • Janusz Feb 13, 2015 Link to comment

    I have read the upper article and realized that I would like to know which tablet have the usb host functionality. What is more, in my opinion, they all have outdated processors. At this moment the most up-to-date are Intel Atoms of Bay Trail line. They are faster and more energy efficient, e.g. Z3480, Z3775 and so on, which found application in DELL and Lenovo tablets.

  • Disagree with your assessment in terms of order.
    The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 should be at the top of the pile.
    Primarily because of its excellent screen and price.

  • I call fowl, how can someone write this article but get the spec's wrong on one of the Tablets.

    I owned the Samsung Note 10.1 2014 and I currently own the Samsung Tab S 10.5 LTE and you have the spec's on the Tab S 10.5 processor wrong.

    And it isn't less powerful than either the Note 10.1 2014 or the Note Pro 12..

    The Tab S 10.5 has a Exynos 5 octa core 1.9 Ghz Quad 1.3Ghz quad processor

    They have it as a 1.6 Ghz in this Article

    It has the same processor as the Note Pro 12.2

    The Tab S should be in the number 1 slot

    Please Correct this.

  • HTC m8 has already taken the crown. GalGalanote and some others have to wait till next year for an award. Even then m9 May take the spot..

  • Once you own a few Samsung devices with their stupid TouchWiz and locked bootloaders, you'll want to stay away. What a PIA!

  • Nvidia Tegra Note 7 - enjoying mine and hey all you need to do is #GoogleIt to find out what its like to play games on this device (I hope a 2nd generation comes out with better cameras) ...

  • I hope the Dell Venue 8 7000 will be in the next list :) It really looks nice

  • plck74 Sep 16, 2014 Link to comment

    nvidia shield tablet? can have review tablet for game?

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 matches the excellent screen quality that it offers with a powerful processor chip that ensures that the device operates at very fast speeds as well as they are worth of your money.

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