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The best Bluetooth headsets and headphones

At the moment, Bluetooth headsets tend to last one full day, produce sound good enough for music and provide for wireless listening pleasure. We have tried out several models from a variety of price ranges and shapes. Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each models.

Samsung Gear IconX

The Samsung Gear IconX is extremely compact. The two earbuds offer full music and telephone functionality. Their low running time is made up for by the fact that they can also be recharged in their enclosed case when you’re on-the-go. As a result, the running time is about nine hours in total.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear IconX 7354
The Gear IconX is very tiny. / © AndroidPIT

The tiny design has given Samsung an opportunity to charge more price-wise, as the recommended manufacturer price is $200 for the pair of these earplugs. For that price though, you'll also get a sports headset, a full headset and a fitness tracker all in one device.

Bragi The Dash

This crowdfunded product overtook Samsung’s IconX. At $299, the device, which is brought to you by the startup firm Bragi are even more expensive. The range of functions and even the build shape are similar to the IconX. However, The Dash also has internal memory, which allows them to work independently as an MP3 player.

AndroidPIT dash smart earphones 6896
The Dash also works self-sufficiently. / © AndroidPIT

The Dash are available in black or white. In addition to the previously mentioned features, The Dash can also filter ambient noise. That way, you can plug them in and reduce office noise, or just block out that screaming baby on the plane.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2

The Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Bluetooth headset is an updated version of the over-ear headset with active noise reduction. It provides good battery life, crisp sound and controls that have been thoroughly thought through. The review of the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 shows that its comfort and sound correspond to its high price.

AndroidPIT PLT BackBeat Pro 2 1036
The Plantronics pinch a bit on larger heads. / © AndroidPIT

The headset is also available on Amazon and still at the manufacturer’s suggested price of about $150. Whether Plantronics brings the price down a little in the coming months, we'll have to wait and see. 

Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Bose’s QuietComfort 35 is aimed at a very specific group of target users. These users are those looking for a Bluetooth headphone that offers effective noise canceling technology. This criteria seems to be more important than sound quality, which is clearly noticed in the slight over-emphasis on the mids. We found that when the QC 35 was compared to the cable-bound and $50 cheaper QC 25, the sound on the latter was distinctly better.

AndroidPIT Bose QuietComfort 35 review 3183
The Bose QC 35 is wireless and proficient with NC and NFC. / © AndroidPIT

You really need to decide what you want from the best noise-canceling headphones: either the cable-bound but better quality QC 25 or the wireless QC 35 with a slightly worse sound.

iClever BTH07

The iClever BTH07 are slightly larger, have less battery life, sound better and sit closer to the ear. Unfortunately, the button controls on the right earplug are not as elegant as with the cable microphone.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3671
The iClever is better because of its shape. / © AndroidPIT

It can also be used as a headset thanks to the microphone. Its placement in the ear is not optimal in a loud environment, but it is otherwise a user-friendly Bluetooth option.

iClever BTH06

The iClever BTH06 is a connected system, and has a running time of around eight hours. This pair of iClever buds offers more bass than some other models, though it somewhat dulls the range of the treble. The iClever BTH06 can be switched off via the pause button. The connectors don't link magnetically, so you won’t be able to wear the headset like a necklace.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3707
The hook provides extra support over the ear. / © AndroidPIT

A selection of silicone pad sizes is included so you can place the earbuds airtight into the auditory canal.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3696
The iFrogz series offers many designs at different prices. / © AndroidPIT

iFrogz Impulse Wireless / Charisma Wireless / Summit Wireless / Plugz Wireless

The iFrogz quartet differs in the design and size of their built-in drivers. These Bluetooth headsets have a surprisingly high performance, clear sound and – above all – a smart mount. The magnetic collar clip attaches to clothing and provides good support.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3731
The Impulse Wireless buds have the biggest drivers. / © AndroidPIT

The undisputed leader of the series is the Impulse Wireless. With 11-mm drivers, they have the largest frequency range and the sound is audibly cleaner than their little sisters. Their double silicone pads take a little getting used to, but prove to be an advantage.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3747
Plugz Wireless: "The Classic" / © AndroidPIT

The simplest of Plugz’s designs has an audibly smaller driver at 9 mm. Unfortunately, the simple silicone pads and absence of any holding clips make them unsuitable for jogging.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3733
The little horns are a necessary improvement for joggers. / © AndroidPIT

This improvement for joggers is instead provided by the Summit headset. The hook acts like a supporting bar for the plugs in your ear. Unfortunately, these do not sound as good as the Plugz because of the smaller 8-mm driver. Interestingly, the high frequencies have especially suffered and now sound duller.

AndroidPIT bluetooth headset 3680
The Charisma headphones are magnetic – and are available in less feminine tones. / © AndroidPIT

Although the iFrogz Charisma only has 6-mm drivers installed, the sound is amazingly clear and detailed. They also have an outwardly delicate compact design. These are the only ones in the series with magnetized connectors – so you can connect them behind your neck and wear them like a necklace. They are available in three color combinations: black/black, black/red, or white/pink.

Which kind of Bluetooth headset do you prefer? Or do you prefer cable-based headsets? And what’s your pain threshold when it comes to price?



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  • Great Article

  • my problem with bluetooth headset is the latency. i use them mostly for gaming(csgo) and there it is a real problem. thats why i got the steelseries siberia v3 and im very happy with it

    • Fellow CS GO player here. I suggest you try some wired earphones (In Ear) for gaming. Bluetooth headset are not really made for gaming.

  • Would recommend you check out Pisen R-500 and add them to your list. They are cheap and sound way better than most earphones.

  • ljhaye 9 months ago Link to comment

    I'd like to try a pair of Apple AirPods with 24hrs of battery life and the W1 chip. It's priced at $159.00 which is on par with the icon X and the Dash ear buds

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