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The best wireless chargers for your Android device

Many Android phones support wireless charging, usually via the Qi wireless standard, but you don’t need to spend big bucks on a charger that carries the same logo as your smartphone. There are stacks of wireless chargers available at a good price. Here are some of the best wireless chargers around.

Best wireless chargers: Bamboo WoodPuck

The Bamboo WoodPuck is made of bamboo, which isn't actually a wood. It's a grass. / © Amazon

How many pucks does a WoodPuck… never mind. The wooden-looking WoodPuck is currently going for US$29.99 on Amazon and works with Qi devices such as the current Galaxy line-up, as well as devices with Qi adapters such as the iQi Mobile, PWRcard or SlimPWRcard.

Best wireless chargers: EC smart USB charger with wireless charging pad

This multi-charger is worth tracking down if you're a traveler who packs light but carries lots of tech. / © EC Technology

Here’s an interesting one: it’s a five-port USB charger with a Qi wireless charging pad on the top, so you can use it to charge up to five wired and one wireless device simultaneously. At US$32.99 it’s cheap too, but it’s currently out of stock on Amazon. It might be worth scouring the likes of eBay: it looks like a great option for charging devices when you’re traveling and want to pack light.

Best wireless chargers: IKEA Nordmarke wireless charging pad

Don't worry, you don't need to assemble this one. / © IKEA

IKEA makes four Nordmarkes: a single-device charger in white or wood, or a triple-device charger in the same color options. IKEA also sells the Vitahult wireless charging cover for phones that don’t have Qi receivers inside. The single-device model is US$27.99 and the triple charger is US$64.99. Both are considerably easier to put together than a Pax wardrobe.

Best wireless chargers: Incipio Ghost 220

Why is it called a Ghost? Maybe it's to celebrate Hallowe'en. / © Incipio

The US$69.99 Ghost 220 is more expensive than most, but then most chargers can’t cope with three devices at the same time. The Ghost can, because it can simultaneously charge two Qi devices wirelessly and a third device via USB. It’s from the black slab school of design but then you don’t really buy chargers to sit and look at them, so who cares?

Best wireless chargers: PowerBot

Powerbot! Powerbot! Plug it in! Wireless charging you've got! / © Powerbot

How does eleven bucks sound? That’s the current price of the PowerBot PB1020, which is a serious discount on the RRP of US$39.99. It’s another Qi charger and promises smart energy management so it doesn’t continue to use too much power when your phone is charged. At that price you could buy one for home, one for work or college and one to wear around your neck like a futuristic Flavor Flav.

Best wireless chargers: RAVPower RP-WCN11

Chunky, yes, but that's because there's a 5,000 mAh battery in there too. / © RAVPower

Here’s a good idea: a wireless charger that’s also an external battery pack for when you’re miles from a power cord. The US$34.99 is a Qi charging pad that also packs a 5,000 mAh battery, and there’s also a USB port for powering devices that haven’t yet joined the cable-cutting party. The battery means it’s a little bulkier than a typical wireless charging pad, but it’s still reasonably portable: at 5.7 x 3.11 x 0.31 inches and 5.8 oz, it’s not going to traumatize your trouser pockets.

Best wireless chargers: Spigen Wireless Charging pad.

Spigen stand! Spigen stand! Does whatever a Spigen stand can! / © Spigen

The Spigen pad uses a raised design to keep your phone elevated, and where some chargers have a single coil with a relatively small charging area, this one has three coils, so you can put your phone in horizontally, vertically or off-centre and still get a charge. Amazon’s currently doing it for US$26.99 instead of the US$79.99 list price, but check the comments before deciding to buy: it appears to have issues charging devices with some of Spigen’s own protective cases.

Best wireless chargers: TYLT VU 3

We like the colors, but the black one's much cheaper on Amazon.  © TYLT

The VU 3 is a striking looking thing, especially if you go for one of the brightly colored models, but the black one is currently the best value, at US$39.98 compared to US$54.99 for the colored ones. Like the Spigen it has three coils that deliver a comparatively large charging area, so it doesn’t matter what way you insert your phone, and it raises your phone so you don’t miss any notifications. There’s also an in-car model for wirelessly charging when you’re on the move.

Best wireless chargers: Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad

Did you know there's a town in Oregon, USA called Boring? It's more interesting than this photo. / © Samsung

So far the chargers we’ve seen deliver 5W of power, but the latest Qi standards supports three times the power output – and as you’d expect, that means three times faster recharging. Samsung’s updated Fast Charge Wireless Pad is one of the first to support the new standard, but not entirely: it doesn’t deliver the full 15W, but at 7W it’s still an improvement over older pads. It’s not cheap, though: it’s currently US$67.32 on Amazon, and of course there’s no point buying it if you don’t have a device that’s compatible with fast charging. Expect to see lots of fast chargers appearing on the market in the coming months.

What’s your favorite wireless charger? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • I feel apart from these we have another wireless charger TANGO by PowerSquare which is one of the best wireless charger in the world. TANGO encourages free positioning of your phone on the charging base meaning we dont have to search for that sweet spot.We can charge two Qi enabled devices simultaneously. PowerSquare also provides cases for iPhone 6S/+ thereby charging two iPhones too.

  • Thanks you sharing this information because they are very important especially if you are always on the go. You get to charge your smartphone without any hassle and worrying of where to charge.

  • Mark G. Oct 4, 2015 Link to comment

    I have a S5 with a wireless charging adapter. I use the DigiYes charging pad, the phone sits at a angle to allow me to see notifications etc.

    I know wireless charging Is no where near as efficient as normal wired charging, but I will fully recharge my phone at night, then during the day I will use the wireless charging whilst I'm not using the phone. This mainly stops my battery from using power rather than properly charging. Though if I don't use the phone for 45 min or so it will have a healthy charge (say when I'm watching a movie).

    The wireless charging means I don't have to charge it properly during the day.

    I suspect that if I invested in a better charging pad then I wouldn't need to give it a wired boost at night.

  • TYLT VU 3 looks nice

  • Mark
    • Mod
    Oct 4, 2015 Link to comment

    I don't get the hype around wireless charging. For one it use more electricity in a time when people are trying to reduce the amount we use. It is harder to use your phone while it is charging. People are less likely to unplug it because they will just grab the phone and go. If you use it in a public spot you put your phone at greater risk for theft. Plus it still has a wire that has to be plugged in and unplugged. The charges themselves are much more expensive than standard chargers and more prone to failures.

  • iago X.
    • Mod
    Oct 4, 2015 Link to comment

    And now Google decided to remove Qi charge from Nexus.

    Google other mistake with both Nexus off the year.

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