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Better batteries and charging infrastructure key to EV sales

Better batteries and charging infrastructure key to EV sales

With electric vehicle manufacturers ramping up production and the 2019 Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, we asked AP readers what it would take to make the purchase of a fully-electric car a feasible prospect. The results show that there are two clear areas that are going to be key to the success of this market, and both are related to power.

It's not really a surprise, but range remains the single biggest concern for prospective electric car owners. The maximum distance you can cover in a battery-powered vehicle is determined by two things. The first is the quality, size and efficiency of the batteries themselves. Second, is how extensive and convenient the charging infrastructure makes "refueling" your car when it runs out of juice. According to AP readers, both require improvements before consumers are ready to spend big money on this mobility technology.

The most popular factor in our poll was, however, price. Of course, electric cars are quite expensive at the moment, but the price will fall when production is stepped up. The other thing to take into account here is that, as is the case with all new technology, the price is always an issue. Who doesn't want their tech to be a little cheaper, anyway?

You can see the full results of the poll below. More than one option could be selected by each participant.

poll results electric cars
Are you surprised by the results? / © AndroidPIT

Interestingly, 16% of respondents said that they were already sold on electric vehicles in their current state, which is a little higher than I was expecting. Just 3% said that it was "all about looks" and 7% said that electric cars needed to be even more eco-friendly than they already are.

There are still those who flat-out reject the technology too, with 11% of respondents saying that they would never consider an electric car. With bans for petrol and diesel cars already scheduled in Europe, those that are unwilling to change may find themselves left behind.

Of the 9% that selected the 'other' option, some interesting points were made in the comments. Albin Foro said that car ownership was dying out, and that subscription services were more interesting, a sentiment that was echoed by Àlex B. Prolific AP contributor, storm, raised concerns about what happens to electric cars in winter - something that was have seen recently in parts of the US where Tesla doors have frozen shut and range has been significantly reduced.

What do you think about the results of our poll? Let us know.

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