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One of the biggest names in AI just failed a child's math test....
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One of the biggest names in AI just failed a child's math test....

You have probably already heard of DeepMind, a Google subsidiary that specializes in artificial intelligence. It became popular through landmark triumphs with the AlphaGo AI's victory over the human Go champion, or AlphaStar's thrashing of StarCraft pros, or even with its AI to detect eye problems. Despite its prowess, DeepMind's AI failed and not in a very glorious way: in a high school math test...

Worse still, the AI was not caught off guard because she was able to practice algebra before taking the test. Although prepared for the test, DeepMind was unable to eve to get the average score, a situation that will probably bring back memories for some people. Anyway, it got a 14/40. Fail.

AI robot 04
In some respects, machines do not (yet) reach the human level. Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock

Of course, in addition to the fun aspect of the situation, the test does highlight some important points to bear in mind about AI. Contrary to what one might think, mathematics is not only purely computational work because it involves cognitive skills in order to develop logical operations, priorities etc. A machine understands and learns differently, so some mathematical operations cannot be performed as well as a human does.

To all this is added once again the important question of the obsession with making machines more talented than humans, but this is another debate....

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