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Black Friday 2019: here are al the best deals of the day!

Black Friday 2019: here are al the best deals of the day!

Black Friday falls on November 29 this year. Don't tell me you don't know what it is all about! Black Friday is the day when, originally in the United States and now almost everywhere in the world, Christmas shopping begins and a flood of discounts and special offers are made available throughout the day. It's a great way to take home technological gifts and save a few quid!

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Black Friday 2019: the best deals from around the web

There are many online shops that, on the occasion of Black Friday, offer discounts on devices and accessories. Among these, eBay and Amazon, in particular, are worth keeping an eye on. Many of the smartphone brands also usually offer devices on offer directly in the official shops, so keep your eyes open!

Best Black Friday Deals in the USA

Best Black Friday Deals in the UK

What's Black Friday?

Black Friday is the most eagerly awaited day of the year for American shoppers and those who want to stock up on bargain-priced gifts for Christmas. Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November (this year on the 29th) and allows you to buy any type of item, from clothing and household goods to technology, at heavily discounted prices.

You may have seen images on TV or on the web that show a lot of hardened people waiting for the shutters to open at the shopping center to be able to get inside and grab the best deals before they run out of stock. The most coveted are the well-known door busters, limited number items, usually located near the entrance of the store, reserved for the fastest customers, and those who are willing to do anything to get their hands on the super offers.

Don't miss out on the best offers on Black Friday 2019! / © AndroidPIT

Black Friday: history, origin and international popularity

This consumer event was born in the '60s and the origins of the term are rather dubious. Among the most reliable hypotheses is that the word black refers to the color of the ink used in the accounting records to mark sales revenue, in contrast to the red of the losses. Another thesis justifies the use of the term in reference to the chaotic traffic generated by the event that in 1960 congested the streets of Philadelphia.

Black Friday, with the passage of time, has become increasingly popular thanks to the spread of coupons and special promotions sent to customers by email and, with the spread of online shopping, has crossed American borders to reach other continents, including Europe. In the UK where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, Black Friday has now becoming a well-known annual event. Companies Apple, which since 2011 has offered a series of limited special offers, and Amazon, gives its consumers a crazy day and weekend discounts, have made the event very popular.

Black Friday doesn't last a single day

Today, the many online shops that use this opportunity to promote discounts and interesting offers do not stop on Monday, but continue the promotional push at least until the following Monday, now known as Cyber Monday. During these four days (November 29 to December 2) we recommend you to keep an eye on the offers in circulation, it is worth it!

During the day of Friday, November 29, we will update this article with the most interesting offers as they go live. In the meantime, get ready to stock up on gifts with Black Friday 2019!

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  • Schade!! jetzt sehe ich das ich leider viele angebote verpasst... bis 88% rabatt??
    Ich habe ein 1-Jahres plan von pureVPN, das ich vor 2 Monaten gekauft habe, aber 5 Jahre plan sieht billiger aus, Naja nächsten Mal :)

  • This year black Friday deals are better deals than previous black Friday, So far I have availed 1 black Friday deal of a VPN service (PureVPN) they are offering 88% discount on there 5 years plan

  • Very brief Information about Black Friday.
    Thanks for the share :)
    I can see the Ads section, thats just bombarded with Pure VPn deals of Black Friday :D
    Please stop targeting. I have their subscription already and thats best.

  • I bet a dollar to doughnuts that the pixal4XL will be 2to3 hundred off come black Friday, any takers!

  • This is so far amazing Black Friday deals. Here is one more great deal from PureVPN in this Black Friday I have found on Mashable. They are offering 5 year plan for $1.32/m 88% off.

  • I have seen too many VPN providers that offer Black Friday deals, but I am confused as most of them are same, but their prices are still too high. I just want a VPN to access few restricted sites and for that why should I pay such huge amount. Finally, I found the cheapest deal of FastestVPN they are offering 92% discount on 5 Year plan cost just $49.95 really an amazing deal to opt

  • I just bought some cases for my Pixel. Nothing else.

  • Absolutely hate Black Friday, it's concept is abhorrent. It's purely a capitalist con, if you are looking to buy a specific product then you might be lucky and get a good deal, but that's not the way they want us to shop.
    Amazon for example will have lots of deals but 90% is stock they have been unable to sell throughout the year. They hope that you will see a reduction and buy, regardless if you actually need the item.

    For the vast majority of customers will end up skint with piles of unwanted goods, Yes as I mentioned if you have specific items and have the time & patience to research and find good deals, then BF can be a great opportunity for a bargain. Just be aware that they want you to "believe" your getting a good deal.

    Also depending on how much we buy, it's most likely that there will be further reductions.

    Peace 🖖

  • I don't know of any audiophile that use "Beats"

  • Tech=Phone to this website. I guess tablets are not relevant

  • Black Friday is a great day where you can find all sorts of deals for you on YouTube and see what other people get on Black Friday and $89 consul for $20 and that is pretty sweet you know and on so just hit up your local target Walmart King supers and everything so yeah Black Friday rocks

  • Let's all keep a lookout for the iPhone 6s on sale I think we could get a pretty good one and you can sell it to places like game night on Amazon and get up to twice as much is you paid for it

  • James Nov 25, 2016 Link to comment

    Thank you for sharing. Black Friday 2016, enjoy 50% off sitewide in AmoLink.

  • Thanks for sharing this list! The black Friday and Cyber Monday is the most awaited season for getting the best deals on the web.

  • Stay the hell away from Sony Xperia Z3, that's all I can say, lol.

    Had the device and I hated it so much. Couldn't wait to get rid of it.

  • No Galaxy S6 edge+ deals

  • It states that Bkack Friday is a few months away, wrong, how about 3 days away !!

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