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Blackberry Tries to Woo Apple Owners, Fails Miserably
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Blackberry Tries to Woo Apple Owners, Fails Miserably

At this point, it brings me no joy whatsoever to bring you news about tha foibles of RIM (Research in Mundane, as one Tech Crunch commenter puts it). The company failed to develop a compelling platform for app developers, failed at designing classy-looking Blackberries, and is now failing at advertising their new smartphone series– the Blackberry 10. Seriously, look at this awful ad and you'll understand my pain.

The newest Blackerry advertisement in Australia gives us a peek at the company's new direction and message. The ad, which is simply text on a screen set to a narration, tries to be edgy and cool by positioning Blackberry as the anti-Apple device, but it is so boring and poorly thought-out out that it actually reads like a nonsensical Powerpoint presentation made by an Internet troll.

Worse still, the ad's mantra "Blackberry isn't for everyone," positions their product as exclusionary. For a product that's already used by a dwindling number of people, exclusionary probably isn't the tone you want to strike.

At this point, bagging on Blackberry feels awful, like beating up an old lady in a wheelchair. It's just SAD. This has got to be one of the worst ads I've ever seen. The exclamation "Wake Up, Be Bold," should have probably been told to the marketing crew.

That said, the new Blackberry 10 series is supposed to have a great keyboard and an interesting camera that takes multiple shots within miliseconds then allows you to "rewind" the photo to find the best shot. I wonder if it will get lost in all of this bad marketing mumbojumbo. I understand that Blackberry is trying to position the business look as "cool," but they've got their ties tied a little too tight here. 

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