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BlackBerry Priv Android update: latest news

Update: Marshmallow within the next 3 months

The BlackBerry Priv is here. It runs a near-stock version of Android, so the Priv should receive Android updates more quickly than most phones. An update to Marshmallow is set to occur in the coming months. Here is all the latest BlackBerry Priv Android update news.

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When will the BlackBerry Priv receive the Android Marshmallow update? / © ANDROIDPIT

The BlackBerry Priv user interface is only lightly modified from stock Android Lollipop, so in theory, it should be relatively easy to bring it up to the latest version (as with Motorola's flagship phones). However, the Priv is the first Android phone that BlackBerry has made, so we can't predict how long it will be before an update is available.

BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow update

At CES in Las Vegas, BlackBerry President of Devices Ron Louks confirmed that the BlackBerry Priv will receive an update to Marshmallow before the end of the first quarter of 2016. This means it could arrive anytime between now and the end of March.

BlackBerry Priv Android Lollipop update

On December 1, the BlackBerry Priv received its first software update. It weighed in at a hefty 475 MB and provided a host of fixes and improvements for the device's stability, performance and security. The camera also received some attention, and should be quicker and work better in low-light conditions.

The update first came to those users who bought their Priv directly from BlackBerry, but AT&T is now also issuing the update. To check whether your device can download it yet, head to Settings > About > System updates > Check for updates.

Check out our full BlackBerry Priv review, and let us know in the comments what you think of the BlackBerry Priv.

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  • I saw and handled one for the first time last night. Its the first phone ever that i actually want. iPhones are an expensive closed book to non apple fans and Samsung reliability and usability has dropped off a cliff. This phone looks right, feels right, has great security, a wonderful camera and is eminently usable in business. These are for me. A proper phone for real work not posing.


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