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Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best

Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best

There are a lot of retro games in the Android Market, but Bloo Kid is gem that stands towering above them all. This game is quasi-perfect: super tough levels, evil bosses and crazy enemies all set in the middle of a love story. Un-freakin’-believable!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.6 4.0

Features & Use

Retro games are on the up and up! Any of you still remember those first video games back in the 90s? I was really into Commander Keen as a kid, playing it for hours and hours on my impressive 33 MHz PC. Bloo Kid is actually similar in terms of style. If it weren’t for the on-screen buttons, you wouldn’t even have the slightest idea that it’s a retro game. The sounds, the graphics, the whole vibe of the game work just so well together.

First things first though: the backstory behind Bloo Kid. An evil magician (surprise, surprise) kidnaps a poor and helpless girl. Her boyfriend ain’t going to let that fly by and dashes off to the rescue. Sound familiar? Of course! Just replace the magician with an evil lizard and substitute the boyfriend with an Italian plumber – and, voilà, you’re back to playing Super Mario. But Bloo Kid isn’t just a carbon copy; it actually has a fairly different concept.

Bloo Kid is not a side-scroller like the classical Super Mario games. Everything takes place on one single screen. You can move the little guy around, but the background remains static. Seems a bit dull, no? Not at all!  Because the game is extremely challenging and difficult – one of the aspects that make this game so great. I’m not against casual games (and Bloo Kid definitely fits into that category), but I need games that actually make you sweat a bit.

Bloo Kid finds a good comprise: it’s easy enough to blast through the levels with the bare minimum amount of points, but it takes serious skills to earn all three stars.

Jump on enemies to kill them.
You can take up to four hits. But if you want to finish the level with all three stars, you can’t allow yourself to injure yourself even once. At first the stream of enemies is slow enough, but things quickly speed up as things progress. There are no power-ups, items or such along the way, but the game is just fine without them.

There are enough different levels in various worlds with crazy enemies (including green blobs, plants, knights, dancing flames and more) to keep you occupied. The bosses at the end of levels are also pretty cool ranging from dragons to knights to giants – all put on this earth to make your life miserable.

Bottom Line: Awesome sound, amazing feeling, extremely entertaining – Bloo Kid is one cool retro game. My qualm with the whole game is that it might actually be just a tad too difficult for my tastes.


Screen & Controls

Bloo Kid looks awesome! The game totally transmits the original atmosphere of those old-school classics. Thankfully, the onscreen controls work perfectly and respond just in the right way. Make sure to make big swipes across the screen when paging through the levels. Otherwise the menu won’t be responsive. Bloo Kid works perfectly on the Galaxy Tab, too.


Speed & Stability

The developer has made some significant improvements here! Before you would have to start from the beginning, every time you exited the game. Now it pauses automatically and there’s nothing more to complain about. Bloo Kid runs as smooth as butter and stable as a rock. Respect!

Price/Performance Ratio

Bloo Kid is available for free from the AndroidPIT App Center. 


Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best Bloo Kid - Old-School Gaming At Its Best

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