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Blosics HD FREE

Blosics HD FREE

Just because we haven't tested enough time-killers for you this week (sense the sarcasm there?) we thought we'd review another one for you today. Read on for more details about Blosics HD FREE, a game that features tumbling blocks of all shapes and sizes.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.7 1.0.7

Features & Use

The game Blosics HD FREE is set up like this:
There's a platform from on which a number of blocks are placed. The amount, weight and shape of these blocks varies from one level to the next. The goal is to shoot the blocks off the platform using a ball from an indicated starting point, which also changes according to which level you're on.
The more often you shoot a ball in order to complete a level, the more points you will lose.
A lot of points mean taht you receive stars, and stars will unlock additional balls that are better suited to knock down heavier blocks. That's about all there is to say about the game: it's nice and simple and you can dive in and exit it easily.

As far as tossing balls at the blocks goes, there are two options: a classic one where you throw the ball as though you were shooting a rubber/elastic band, and an alternative in which the ball hangs from a type of rope. Try them out and see which one you like best. If you're like me, you might just like 'em both!

Some levels contain other aids and useful tools or element such as rubber/elastic surfaces.

Bottom line:

Blosics HD FREE is great for when you've got five minutes to kill. It's easy to play but fun enough to keep your mind occupied for short stretches of time.


Screen & Controls

We recommend starting off by watching the Blosics HD FREE brief tutorial.

Go to the main menu to make adjustments such as sound settings, check your score and download other games. This is also where you set the ball throwing mode.

There are several worlds that you can unlock as your progress, and within these worlds you'll find episodes that you must complete in order to finish a world.

Controls and graphics are pretty decent overall.


Speed & Stability

Blosics HD FREE ran smoothly and without any issues. The app's speed leaves nothing to be desired.


Price/Performance Ratio

Blosics HD FREE is, well, free. If you're bothered by the ads (I wasn't) or wish to show your support to the developers you can go ahead and pay to have the ad banner taken out.



Blosics HD FREE Blosics HD FREE Blosics HD FREE Blosics HD FREE Blosics HD FREE

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