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Blow Up

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Apr 21, 2010

The developers from over at Camel Games have already released a fair number of games that have scored really well on our AndroidPIT tests, including Shoot U!, Papa Stacker, Space Physics, and many more. As the latest newcomer from Camel Games, Blow Up definitely deserves a thorough look . Find out whether it stacks up against the developers’ previous games in our test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.7 1.8.9

Features & Use

The title gives away the game’s entire concept from the get-go. In a 2D world, you‘re entrusted with blowing up buildings made out of random wooden and metal parts by detonating bombs underneath them. The bombs can be positioned wherever you’d like and they explode at the press of a red button. You can even set-up a delayed explosion with a bomb timer. No part of the destroyed building may be higher than the line marked on your screen. You’ve got to make sure that each structure gets leveled as much as possible after detonation. In addition, you’ll find a cute little panda sitting inside of the structure. Make sure to keep the panda out of harm’s way during explosions. There’s also a star located within every building. You can rake up bonus points if you can manage to have the panda land on the star as the building collapses. The game’s concept might be simple, but each level is challenging enough to make this game worthwhile. There are many different game strategies you can follow. You can simply blow up everything in your sight, try to position your bombs according to the laws of physics, and/or take advantage of the time to delay your explosions. Blow Up includes 75 levels, each of which can be played on three different difficulty levels. According to the market description, more levels are soon to come.

Screen & Controls

On Blow Up’s mainscreen you’ll find the following options:

Level Select
High Scores
More Games

Selecting “Play” directs you back to the level you left off at the last time you played. You can also select to play a different level, if you wish. Just select between three difficulty levels before you start your next level. All levels can be played out of order. Available bombs are displayed at the top of your screen during playtime. Simply drag and drop them under the structure you intend to destroy. Pressing on an already placed bomb let’s you set-up a detonation timer. Press the red button at the bottom of your screen and – BOOM! – everything around you explodes.

The white line drawn across the screen shows you whether the entire building has been leveled.
Throughout the game, you can restart your level, end your game, and toggle the sound – all via the menu button.

Bottom Line:
Even though I happen to get a bigger kick out of Shoot U!, the developers at Camel Games still managed to do a really good job with this game. Like all of their previous work, the developers came up with yet another tight and well-packaged Android game. And most importantly, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for a good number of hours.

Speed & Stability

No problems whatsoever. Smooth and fast all around. 

Price/Performance Ratio

 Blow Up can download from the Android Market for $2.99.


Blow Up Blow Up Blow Up Blow Up Blow Up


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  • Peter Long Apr 29, 2010 Link to comment

    i like the panda :))

  • 16
    Jay O. Apr 29, 2010 Link to comment

    Hey rdj, thanks for chiming in! I tried Blow Up the other day and quite liked it too -- I might go for the full version next.

  • rdj Apr 29, 2010 Link to comment

    I love this app.
    It is a great time killer. The lite version is only a taste of what the full version packs....80 levels! I have bought this,space physics, and shoot u, all of which a great games to test your physics and creativity...