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Bluboo Edge: a Galaxy S7 Edge clone for just $140

Bluboo Edge: a Galaxy S7 Edge clone for just $140

If you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone, you should take a look at the Bluboo Edge: the device costs $139.99 - with a pre-sale price of $129.99 - and, besides that, has more to offer than a curved edge display.

The times when a person had to have several hundred dollars in hand for a good smartphone are long gone. Some devices in the lower price segment already come with hardware that was high-end two years ago, and still provides good performance today. For example, the Bluboo Edge – which strongly resembles the Galaxy S7 Edge visually – only costs $139.99.

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No need to spend a ton on a smartphone, the Bluboo comes at an inexpensive price and offers a lot. / © Bluboo

Like the Galaxy S7 Edge, the left and right sides of the mobile phone’s display are curved, and it is protected with Gorilla Glass 4. Although the screen is “only” HD – that is, 1280 x 720 pixels – content on its 5.5-inch display is sufficiently sharp. To recognize individual pixels, one would have to hold the mobile phone, with its pixel size of 269 ppi, almost directly in front of their nose. The advantage of the HD resolution – compared to QHD or UHD, as with some current flagship devices – is the fact that fewer pixels benefits the runtime. In combination with the 2,600 mAh battery, the Bluboo Edge should easily get through the day, even with very heavy usage.

The display is an OGS panel from Sharp. OGS is the abbreviation for “One Glass Solution” and stands for a thinner design than conventional screens, but also for richer colors and better contrast. The dual-layer touch panel supports 5-point multi-touch, allowing up to five fingers to be detected simultaneously. The Bluboo Edge can be operated with wet fingers or with gloves.

The HD resolution on the Bluboo Edge is more than enough for daily usage. / © Bluboo

The manufacturer has been inspired by the Galaxy S7 Edge not only in terms of design and display, but also in terms of the home button: a fingerprint scanner is set in this for the protection of the smartphone from unauthorized access. According to the manufacturer, this has a reaction time of 0.1 seconds. A quad-core Mediatek 6737 processor, with a maximum clock rate of 1.3 GHz per core, is used in the metal frame phone. In conjunction with 2 GB of memory, one can expect no wonders in terms of performance, but nevertheless a decent and satisfying work speed. The 16 GB of internal memory can be expanded with a micro SD card by up to 256 GB.

Sony is responsible for the sensors in the cameras. The resolution of the one on the back with LED flash and autofocus is 13 MP; the selfie cam on the front has 8 MP. The Bluboo Edge can accommodate two SIM cards and certain LTE networks. The mobile phone runs Android 6.0. Further technical data includes Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi in the 802.11b/g/n standards and GPS.

The heart rate monitor from the Blueboo Edge lets you monitor your health easily. Check your heart rate anytime and track it to see how your health is progressing. Improve your health and ensure you keep progressing with your fitness goals.

The Bluboo allows you to take great pictures with its 13 MP camera. / © Bluboo

Bluboo has set a pre-sale price of $129.99 for its Edge display mobile phone, and recorded 30,000 pre-orders in the first week. Meanwhile, the smartphone is sold regularly for $139.99. For a small bag of money, you can get a smartphone with decent equipment, and the cool look of the Galaxy S7 Edge with curved display.


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  • Mike F May 17, 2017 Link to comment

    I sadly paid money for one of these things when they were first launched. Let me tell you it's a TERRIBLE attempt at a clone phone, let alone something Bluboo claims is original. Heck it's just terrible as a phone in general. So here's a review that' ISN'T written by BluePoo.

    We'll start with what's in the box.
    1: The phone like thing (better be)
    2: A very cheap USB micro cable
    3: A European style USB wall charger - no rating on it what so ever
    4: A Europe to US style adapter
    5: A bikini style screen protector... we'll get into this in a bit
    6: A VERY rigid case, not TPU
    7: Manual like thing
    8: Sim ejection tool (I think that's what they were getting at)

    So the USB cord is so thin, it's power only. No data. The wall adapter is so bad, the phone managed to drain the battery faster than it could charge at first (downloading my apps). Off to the trash those things went, never to be used by accident later. The screen protector, well you'd be better off with a few strips of scotch tape. It would be able to cover more. Screen protector joined the the cable and charger. The manual is poorly translated... not sure what it started off as or what they tried translating it to. Off to the trash too. The sim ejection tool is so flimsy it buckled when I tried using it. In the trash it went. The case is a HUGE PITA to get on. Can hear it creaking like it's about to snap. And it did when I took it off. Off to the trash it went as well. Sadly not before it scratched the ever loving crap out of the frame of the phone.

    Now for the phone (like thing). This is NOT, is say again NOT a curved screen. It's a lousy cheap LCD buried behind a massively lick slab of curved glass. The phone is 50% thicker than the real S7 Edge because of this monolith of glass. It also feels about 3 times heavier. Now the actual panel is so far buried in there, that you can see the back light thru the buttons on the side, USB and headphone jack. It's quality is poor at best. The back of the phone is NOT glass. It's some semi flexible plastic that has an amazing ability to attract oil, dirt, finger prints and anything else it comes in contact with. The buttons are squishy and rattle. And while we're on rattle, I think the phone tries to vibrate to alert to something, but it sounds more like it's dying.

    The frame is not what they describe. It's some kind of "cast" aluminum concoction. It's so poorly machined that there are several razor sharp edges protruding past that iceberg of glass on this thing. Strange how one is right below the home button and the other is right above the ear piece. They some how manage to dig in ALL THE TIME.

    The home button is typically not very responsive to HOME functions. The finger print reader is so-so at best. Speaker is pathetic. The sim card tray is so flimsy it buckles when you try and remove it. And don't bother with an SD card. It'll come loose inside the phone if you look at the phone too hard. According to BluPoo the "home" button is supposed to respond to the back / recent apps commands by some strange ritual (might require a live chicken... haven't figured it out yet). But at least there ARE actually back / recent apps buttons on there. They oddly enough follow Samsung's layout. Unfortunately you'll never know they're there, as they don't light up and there's zero indication anything is actually supposed to be there. I even dug the manual out of the trash and had to double check this. Nothing on it that I could find, though the book was far from useful. Found them by accident due to muscle memory.

    OH and it has a great feature if you try to let it charge on phone stand. It'll randomly wake itself up, show touch input on the screen, take screen shots, randomly open the dialer and call your boss at 3 AM, send complete jibberish test texts to people too! Lay it flat and it's fine. No clue why. But it's infuriating!

    The cameras are off of something from 6 years ago. I don't care what kind of "interpolation" they want to use. They still suck. The heart rate monitor is useless. Might not even be a real one. But can't tell since they managed to glue (yes you can see the glue) it in so badly that it's never going to be able to actually read anything.

    The software is typical Chinese style. No app tray. Not saying it's bad. Just not typically my thing (we'll come back to this in a bit). Bonus for very little bloat ware, but there is some there. The default theme should be called "Ocular Gonorrhea" it just BURNS THE EYES!!!!! Now there are two other themes that are only mildly less offensive to the senses. Neither are great. But the "beauty center" app that controls the them doesn't seem to have any concept of other themes out there, or a way to download anything else. Of course you could be like me and try to load your own launcher. And regardless of what you do to set the default IT HARASSES YOU TO GO BACK TO THE DEFAULT LAUNCHER EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PRESS THE HOME BUTTON!!!!!! I've restored the phone 4 times and this will not go away.

    Connectivity wise, Bluetooth is fine. WiFi has been decent. Cellular service state side SUCKS big time. AT&T - no data, no calls, no texting. T-Mobile - no data, phone calls sometimes work, texting seems OK usually.

    To sum it up, if the S7 Edge is Kate Upton, this thing is that fat, special needs chic that works at Walmart as a greeter. The one who kinda looks like Kate Upton after your 3rd bottle of Absinthe and a large fist full of magic mushrooms.... Yeah I'll leave the rest of this disaster to your imagination. Just promise you WON'T buy this horrible phone.

    Hmmmm..... Might have to test the "battery safety" with some high velocity lead next weekend.

  • how much dirhams for uae

  • Can anybody tell whether this smartphone can be used in Denmark and is it coming with a Danish language package?


    • Mike F May 14, 2017 Link to comment

      won't do ANYTHING CDMA wise, won't even do GSM with AT&T and barely can text or call on T-Mobile... forget about data of any kind. just save yourself and run from this thing. this is a pre-canned article from Blupoo's marketing dept. you can find this dribble verbatim on a dozen or so sites!

  • How much does it cost in UK ?

  • Hello i want this phone im live in uae how much price in uae

  • If you like galaxy s7 type phone, but don't have $600+, then this is ok phone. But much better choice would be to get second handed flagship phone like LG G4 from ebay. You can get one for around $130, and LG G4 still has one of the best cameras on a smart phone, easily surpassing any sub $200 android phone. LG G4 has 3GB ram, outstanding QHD screen just to mention couple of specs. Plus you get removable battery and IR blaster, both of which even real galaxy S7 doesn't have. Why buy entry level android phone when you can get a great used phone like LG G4 for same price?

  • logiho Dec 12, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice model. I like it

  • nice

  • Very interested... which carrier is this phone compatible with?

  • Incredible design. I love it

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