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Boobstagram: Instagram For Breasts (I'm Not Joking) With A Good Cause

Authored by: Eric McBride — Apr 13, 2012


It's no secret that Instagram  for Android was recently released much to the disappointment of many iPhone users. It's also no secret that Facebook recently acquired Instagram for a whopping 1 BILLION dollars, which took the tech world by surprise. What does remain a mystery however, is how Facebook came up with the conclusion that this service and company ran by a team of 11 people was worth such an insane amount of money plus Facebook shares. Well now I finally's because Mark Zuckerberg obviously really really likes boobies. What am I talking about? Introducing Boobstagram, a website that pulls boob pics directly from Instagram and stores them in one easy to view boobtastic archive.

For those of you who didn't know what it is, now you do. The concept is simple: Take a picture of your boobs (not bare, but in a bra or simply of nudity as far as I know) on Instagram. That's pretty much it. The website then pulls the pictures (I'm guessing a tag is needed) and lists them on the website. I actually don't even know why I'm writing anymore, as I'm sure most of you are Googling the site already :-D

As of now, it's only a website, not an app, and I wouldn't count on Facebook backing development of a seperate app dedicated to breasts. But ya never know! I guess what really suprises me the most about this is how many women are willing to use it! It's a French website, but no word on how many of the photos come from France and how many from other countries. But as of right now, there are 53 pages of boob pictures to look through on the site. That is quite a lot of boobs and quite a lot of women willing to show them to the world. 

But this isn't all just for play, as the site is also being used to promote awareness of breast cancer. As AndroidPIT member Laurent Vermot-Gauchy just reminded me in our comment section, "it's a site supporting the fight against breast cancer. The baseline is showing your boobs on the web is fun, but showing them to your doctor is better :)". (My apologies for leaving out this very important point).

For anyone wanting to check it out (to the few who aren't already looking), the link to the massive archive can be found here. But don't blame me if you're boss fires you for looking at this!

P.S - To the many many women that took pics of their breasts on Instagram: Don't wonder why or get mad when men struggle to look you in the eyes when their talking to you.

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  • Good point Laurent! Im gonna add your exact quote to this post right now!


  • Please note that it's a site supporting the fight against breast cancer
    the baseline is "Show your boobs on the web is fun, but show them to your doctor is better :)"

  • Marketing is marketing. What ever it takes to get you to the site, then they got your stuff. Another in your face (take it anyway you want) campaign


    I appreciate your honesty bro :-D

  • 8
    Nick N. Apr 13, 2012 Link to comment

    Well, I'm shocked, I tell you, and let me just say, anyone who looks at that site must be incredibly immatu–


    ...boobies... many boobies...

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