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BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly

BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly

You're on the go and need to access your FRITZ!-Box to find out who's left you a message on your answering machine? Or need to control your computer remotely? That's exactly what the BoxToGo app is for which acts as your trusted FRITZ!-Box companion. Find out what the app has to offer in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 3.0

Features & Use

At just 0.4 MB, the app is really small and the download is very fast. The only thing is that you have to accept a suspicious amount of permissions. No need to worry, though because the app needs these permissions to allow you to make phone calls. So what is BoxToGo actually all about? Here are all the main functions in a quick overview:

  • Call log shows who has called you while you've been away
  • Turn on call forwarding and adjust automated response
  • Call through option (including for free calls)
  • Turn on your home computer remotely
  • Turn guest access to your WLAN on/off
  • Access to your FRITZ!Box phonebook

After installation you are greeted with the welcome screen from which you can then access the settings. For those of you that can't seem to find your way around, you can go for help to the BoxToGo homepage directly from the app.

Here are a couple of prerequisites for using the app:

  • A smartphone with 2.1 and up
  • Following router models are supported: 360, 7112, 7141, 7170, 7240, 7270, 7320, 7390 and 7570
  • The FRITZBOX! must have at least the xx.04.74 firmware
  • A permanent IP address is required for the app to find the router
  • A ISDN connection with two lines is required for call forwarding

In the Settings, you can view all of the relevant options for using all of the app's features. There you'll find everything from call settings to troubleshooting with all of the information you'll ever need.

Once you've set up the settings correctly, you can test the whole set up by pressing...the Test button. Should something go wrong, the app lets you know exactly where and what the problem is.

At the top of the screen, you'll find a set of tabs with all of the options. The call list is the default starting page and also comes with the aforementioned Settings and Help buttons. In addition to these buttons, you'll find from left to right the following tabs: Call Diversion (Call Forwarding), Mailbox (Voicemail), Phone Book, WiFi and Wake On Lan (i.e. Control your PC remotely).

At the center of BoxToGo is the call list function which allows you to keep track of any missed calls on the go. You can adjust it to update automatically on a regular basis. Should you receive a call while away, your smartphone automatically rings and/or vibrates to notify you about it. In the Call List you can view a bunch of different information about received phone calls including:

  • Name, phone number, date and time of call
  • Auto-synch with contacts and profile pictures from your smartphone's contacts
  • Filter according to call time (i.e. incoming vs. Outgoing)
  • Sort by date, name etc.
  • Mark and delete individual calls
  • Adding a comment
  • Adding a new contact from the call list
  • Save unlimited amount of calls (the FRITZ!Box is limited to just 400)

So enough with functions and let's start testing. I asked three of my friends to call me to see if the app would respond. And respond it did by notifying every time without fail of a missed call. I could even listen to my answering machine directly from my smartphone. I gave it several tries and I must say that the app works perfectly without any issues.
Another interesting thing for those that receive a lot of phone calls from unknown numbers: the app let's you search the internet to find out who the unknown number belongs to.

Bottom Line:
The BoxToGo app offers a great deal for FRITZ!Box users for a fair price. This is especially true for those that are rarely home, but do not want to miss an important call. Being able to get remote access to your computer on the go is also another big plus. The only downside is that the app does not at this time support all FRITZ!Boxes, but hopefully the next update will take care of that.


Screen & Controls

I really like the fact that despite the number of features, BoxToGo still lays everything out in a logical and orderly fashion. It's really nice to see an app that is both functional and user-friendly. So should you ever get confused or lost in the app, there is always help just around the corner to help you out. 

Speed & Stability

BoxToGo runs both smoothly and reliably. I didn't notice any significant problems with the app in terms of speed and performance. 

Price/Performance Ratio

 €1.99 may seem like a lot of money for the BoxToGo app, but the app lives up to the price in terms of both design and usability. 


BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly BoxToGo - Control Your FRITZ!Box On The Fly

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