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Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain!
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Brain Age Test Free - Test your brain!

Having forgotten my keys twice this past week, I was feeling in dire need to train my short-term memory. Today's app promises to do just that (though it refers to short-term memory capacity as “brain age”).
Let's find out what Brain Age Test Free is all about and if it performed well during out test runs. Read on!



Reviewed version Latest version
JAN-16-2013 AUG-29-2016

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 
Android version: 4.2.1
Root: No
Modifications: None

Brain Age Test Free has been downloaded a whole bunch of times (10-50 million to be more precise, wowee!), so I was more than curious to test the app for myself.

Brain Age Test is 1.8MB and requires only one permission which makes sense (network access). I installed the app without a second thought.

The game principle is straight forward enough: numbers are shown in circles which the user will have to memorise. The numbers are then covered up and the user has to try and get the circles in the correct order by tapping them according to which numbers they contain, from smallest to largest.

At the beginning of the game two to three circles are shown, but once you're more advanced you'll have to try and retain seven or eight circles. Memorising the number sequence in shorts amount of time is not as easy as it might sound. Oh, and when the number 0 pops up don't forget to include it in your number sequence! I managed to forget it once or twice, and instead would start my sequence with 1 or 2.

There are two game modes: one for testing and one for playing. If you opt for a test you will have to try to complete a level without making any mistakes. You can make three mistakes in total, strike four and the game is over. Once you've completed the test the app will reveal how old your brain is, based on its performance. That said, you don't have to be a neurologist or the like to know that this analysis is more for fun than fact. Think of the age as a sort of ranking or score system.
Training is very similar to the test, except that you can get hints and make mistakes as often as you want (not that you'd purposely want to make mistakes, but you get what I'm getting at).

You can check out how you're progressing and share/compare your results with other players.

Bottom line:

Brain Age Test Free is an interesting and challenging game, but not the kind of thing you can spend long periods of time on. Its scope is fairly limited, and I could see it more in the context of a larger brain-jogging type app that has more features to offer.


Screen & Controls

Playing Brain Age Test Free is simple and doesn't really warrant in-depth explanations. When the game starts you will see various circles containing numbers. Look at them and try to memorise them, they will then disappear and you will have to try to recreate the correct order by tapping.

One thing I tripped over is that next levels are not started automatically.


Speed & Stability

Brain Age Test Free performed well throughout our test runs: both smooth and stabile.


Price/Performance Ratio

As the app's name indicates, Brain Age Test Free is free and available for download from the AndroidPIT App Center. Please note that ads are frequently displayed, and sometimes in such a way that they can prove to be a nuisance. During my test runs, it happened on more than one occasion that I wasn't able to start a game because a big banner was blocking the way. Furthermore, the app's scope is somewhat limited which is why I think a three star rating is fair in this category.



Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain! Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain! Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain! Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain! Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain! Brain Age Test  Free - Test your brain!


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