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Bridge Constructor – Never burn bridges

Bridge Constructor – Never burn bridges

To be an architect, for once in one's lifetime. Designing bridges and then building them. Being responsible for constructing means for people to get from A to B even when a ravine lies between the two.

Bridge Constructor is all about simulating the scenarios outlined above. Does it hold up? Find out in our review.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

The game's goal is to construct a bridge from A to B within a certain budget. To do so, gamers may use different materials including wood, steel, rope, pillars and arches. Combine these effectively in order to create a construction that is solid and reliable.

Before starting off, there's a brief intro explaining how things work in Bridge Constructor.

Overall, I would say that the game's tone and aesthetic mesh very well and make for a nice gaming experience (more about the graphics in the next category).

The gameplay is always the same, as is the case with many popular apps including Angry Birds. In the case of Bridge Constructor, the app uses the same mechanics but progressively heightens the level of difficulty. So when you first start out you will find your task to be relatively simple – piling planks of wood, big whoop – but the game takes its course and becomes more challenging as it does. The physics engine that lies beneath all this is more or less realistic.

The goal of every level is to enable the passage of cars or even lorries/trucks across the bridge to the other side. As cars and lorries/trucks pass, you rake in points. Clever constructors that manage to build cost-efficient bridges will also rake in additional points.

Check out high scores via Open Feint, rate the game via the integrated Facebook function which, BTW, is not intrusive in the sense that you don't need to be sign up or in in order to play a few rounds. Thumbs up for that!

Bottom line:

We try not to be too lax when it comes to rating games (and besides, it's fun to criticise, right?) but we also give credit where credit is due, and in the case of Bridge Constructor it is due!

Some things to consider for the upcoming updates: building in a timer feature or making it possible for users to create their own levels. But these are mere suggestions rather than critiques, for the game is already very good as it is.

We would recommend Bridge Constructor in a heartbeat. It's the type of game you can return to over and over, seeing as later levels really do present a fun challenge. Why not check out the free version of the app to see if it's a good match, and if you like it you can get the full version.


Screen & Controls

Bridge Constructor is great when it comes to graphics: it's obvious that a lot of thought and attention went into the app's making as it doesn't look like it just tumbled out of the tool kit for coming up with Android apps.

The scenery is well made and varied from one level to the next, even the water, which is a nice touch.

Controls, on the other hand, leave something to be desired. Laying down the material proved to be especially infuriating. The app seems to pick up entries randomly and controls are not as smooth as I would like them to be. Luckily, these instances don't occur regularly, but it is still pretty annoying.


Speed & Stability

There's still room for improvement in this category, seeing as the app takes way too long to load.
We tested Bridge Constructor on the One X and found it to take a while to load, and it turns out the same is true for the Sensation and S2.

Aside from this the app's stability is good and sturdy.


Price/Performance Ratio

Bridge Constructor is available this week for only EUR 0.89 from the AndroidPIT App Center. It's well worth its price and especially puzzle game fans will do themselves a favour by checking it out.



Bridge Constructor – Never burn bridges Bridge Constructor – Never burn bridges Bridge Constructor – Never burn bridges

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