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Bubble – Simple, straight-forward, easy to use
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Bubble – Simple, straight-forward, easy to use

I recently purchased some new shelves and was pretty stoked about putting them up and sorting out my books. Call me geeky, but I love a tidy book shelf filled with beautiful editions. I borrowed some tool, seeing as I'm not usually really a DIY sort of person and don't own any tools myself, and was all set to go when I realised that the I didn't have an air level. Dang it! Luckily, I did have my smartphone on me. I whipped it out, did a quick App Center search and found a virtual air level. Bubble uses the integrated position sensor to do what a real air level would do. Find out more below.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.1 2.0.1

Features & Use

The air level appears as soon as the app starts up. The graphics are very minimal and simply display an air bubble as well as the incline and angle. The display mimic the angle your phone is positioned at, so that if you tilt your smartphone at 90° the bubble will do the same.

In order to test of a surface is even you can simply place your device on it. If the little air bubble remains in the middle it means everything is as it should be. This feature is useful if you're looking to set up a table, for instance.

Further features include flash light, audio and vibrate notifications when the perfect level been determined, which is useful when you're in the middle of building something and your hands aren't free to hold your phone. You can also opt to have the angle spoken out loud. Tap the screen in order to look the angle.

Bottom line:

Bubble is a pretty neat tool that can be carried around in one's back pocket. As I said, I'm not much of a builder but will be keeping this little helper around for sure.



Screen & Controls

Using Bubble is child's play. The air level appears as soon as the app starts up.

There's an option for calibrating the level. To do so, lay your device on an even surface and hit “Calibrate” in the menu. This way, if your walls are a bit slanted you can build crooked shelves to match.


Speed & Stability

Bubble is rather precise and quick, especially if you change the position slowly.


Price/Performance Ratio

Bubble is free of charge and can be found in the Play Store.



Bubble – Simple, straight-forward, easy to use Bubble – Simple, straight-forward, easy to use

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