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Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings?
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Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings?

How many lemmings does it take to screw in a light bulb? 5000. One screws in the bulb and the others jump of the cliff.

Pretty lame joke, right? The thing is that lemming jokes are some of the dumbest jokes out there. Even “yo mama” jokes seem funnier that lemmings.

The developer of Bunny Mania Lite must have had a clear understanding of just how uninteresting lemmings are. Here's a game that identical to the classic Lemmings game, but with bunnies instead. Find out if bunnies are just as dumb as lemmings in today's test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.6.16 1.8.0

Features & Use

In Bunny Mania you have to direct bunnies that are falling from the sky towards their goal. In the process the bunnies are constantly running around all over the place as soon as the touch the ground. They walk straight ahead until they either fall off a cliff or hit an obstacle in which case they turn around and march in the opposite direction.

Just like their lemming cousins, the bunnies have strong suicidal tendencies. Either that or they are just too stupid to notice danger lying ahead. To prevent your lovely bunnies from falling into the abyss you can place a bunny in a strategic location to warn the other about impeding peril.

The road to their goal is filled with obstacles. To get around them you'll need to dig tunnels and build bridges. Sometimes you'll need to use a rocket backpack to propel yourself over a wall. All of these options aren't available to you from the very beginning. You acquire them gradually by completing levels and accumulating bonus points.

All in all, you have the following skills:
Regular walking: can be used to direct a bunny along a straight line.
Turn a bunny into an obstacle: pretty self-explanatory.
Digging bunny: Your bunny uses a pick to dig a tunnel through the earth. This way you can dig through to underground levels. Be careful not to dig too much or all of your bunnies risk falling off the face of the earth completely.

Ladder-building bunny: helps you reach levels in the air. Here the bunny builds a staircase that can be used by funnies behind him as well. Make sure not too build too long of a ladder or you'll run out of building material. The other thing to keep in mind is that the ladder-building bunny is slower than the bunnies walking behind him .

Bomb bunny: A huge obstacle in your way? Just blow up this bunny to make it go away!

Rocket backpack bunny: Fly around in any direction with this awesome skill.

With every level you have a limited amount of skills available. In order to beat a level, you have to make sure to use these skills strategically and sparingly.

Bottom Line:

Bunny Mania Lite is a ton of fun! I just tried out the test version and went on to buy the full one. This game is not only fun, but also requires a lot strategical thinking.

Screen & Controls

In terms of usability, Bunny Mania Lite isn't as good as you would expect. It isn't easy to figure how to play the game when you start out. You can barely make out the bunny icons on the bottom of the page – they are way too small and unclear. You need miniature fingers in order to be able to press the right button even on a device with a big screen, such as the HTC Desire.

The graphics may be cute, but don't seem very professional.

The most annoying thing is that every time you finish a level, you get automatically redirected back to the main screen. From there you have to find your way back to the next level.

The game also doesn't let you quit a level while playing and start all over. You always have to use the back button to get back to the main menu.

What a shame!

Speed & Stability

Bunny Mania Lite ran perfectly on the HTC Desire.

Price/Performance Ratio

Bunny Mania Lite is available for free from the Android Market. There's also a full-version for €2.04 euros.



Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings? Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings? Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings? Bunny Mania Lite - Are Bunnies the Next Lemmings?


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  • steve Oct 2, 2016 Link to comment

    The bunny man.

  • well, here at AndroidPit we try to provide a balanced and fair review of apps. Obviously, it's a subjective opinion, but many users find it helpful in deciding on acquiring new apps. You can try asking around the forum as well. Also, it is a good idea to try out the demo version before downloading the full version.

  • Has anyone here tried getting their Android App tested by an actual Android App testing company?

    I have googled and found some simulators, and also found www.testing4success.com which looks good, just wanted to get some other opinions before I go for it. Its my first Android App, and so I want to ensure its quality!