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Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds
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Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds

As Angry Birds sits at the top of the smartphone gaming throne, other games are trying to emulate Android's most popular game. Call me crazy, but I believe Bunny Shooter Free Game has a lot of potential and a better game concept than Angry Birds! Before you start pelting me with rotten tomatoes, take a look at today's test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.06 2.8.5

Features & Use

Let me just make one thing clear: I love Angry Birds. But despite me strong feelings, the game gets a bit redundant after days of constant playing. The game's got cute graphics, funny levels and great controls, but the game concept just never changes. Bunny Shooter Free Game does a much better job!

So let me explain myself. The game's backstory is simple: a bunch of shameless rabbits are stealing carrots from a carrot farmer. The trigger-happy farmers flips out and decides to launch an all-out war on these bunnies with bow and arrow! Sounds brutal, but just like in Angry Birds the animation is childish and utterly non-violent.

All you got to do is draw your bow, aim, shoot and pop those bunnies! But that sounds a bit too boring, right? And that's what makes Bunny Shooter different than Angry Birds: it's packed with extra features and goodies. There's lots of stuff to look forward to: from dropping anvils on bunnies to blowing up bombs. And that's just the beginning because the game is full of awesome props. As you progress in the game, you will encounter seesaws, air balloons, bowling balls and wooden planks. And you can combine these items in any way you like! Here's a hypothetical example: a hot-air balloon with a bowling ball hanging from it on a rope, which falls down an sets off a bomb, which in turn destroys a complicated construction out of planks. Now that's what I call an awesome game! It sure beats ceaselessly shooting birds in the air. You get a start rating after each completed level. You can only get the maximum three star rating if you used up the least amount of arrows.

But the game's not perfect. It would be nice to see more materials and more elaborate constructions (like in Angry Birds). The game physics could also use some improvement. They work well enough, but the whole operation could run a bit smoother. And I still can't decide whether the game needs adjustable shooting power. It could potentially be useful, but in the end the game is fun to play without the extra effort.

Bottom Line:Bunny Shooter Free Game is loads of fun! There's just something irresistibly charming and cute about the game, which makes fun to play for days if not months on end! Regrettably, the game is limited to 60 levels at the moment and they are fairly easy to get through. Thankfully, the developers are about to release an additional 120 levels to feed my new addiction. With a bit of work and little patching apps, Bunny Shooter is a perfect game!


Screen & Controls

The graphics are sappy and mega-cute, but not really groundbreaking. Bunny Shooter Free Game is really simple to use. You can zoom in on the levels via multitouch (which often leads to accidental shots). All the menus are nice and clear.


Speed & Stability

Absolutely no stability issues. Bunny Shooter Free Game is sturdy and reliable as an app. The game does slow down a bit from time to time. Unfortunately, the game quits automatically every time you close the screen. Not cool!


Price/Performance Ratio

Bunny Shooter Free Game can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. 


Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds Bunny Shooter Free Game - Sicker, Meaner and Crazier Than Angry Birds


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