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Nexus 4, 10 Sell Out in Minutes, Prompting a Sea of Angry Tweets

Nexus 4, 10 Sell Out in Minutes, Prompting a Sea of Angry Tweets

The Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 went on sale in the Google Play Store today this morning, but many of the devices sold out within about half an hour, prompting angry Tweets from would-be shoppers. UK residents wanting to purchase the device now see a "notify me!" button rather than the option to purchase the Nexus 4 and 10, as do many across Europe.

Technology journalist @DamienMcFerran tweeted the following: ‘Wow, Google. How many chances have you had to get this right? Still totally clueless about how to launch a phone.’

Other Android fans, like Matt Searle (@oraclematt), received a failed transaction notification for their tablet order, as the device seems to have sold out during the check-out process, but were still hopeful. "I'm now hoping that my failed transaction actually went through and I end up with 2x32GB Nexus 10s!!" Searle tweeted.

In Australia, the Nexus 4 sold out after about 20 minutes, according to AusDroid. Meanwhile, here in Germany, we're getting the dreaded "notify me" button rather than the option to purchase any of these devices, even though they're technically supposed to go on sale today. 

The hotly anticipated devices include Google's first LG Nexus phone featuring Android 4.2, as well as a Nexus tablet with a higher pixel resolution than the current iPad. All were announced at the end of last month. 

It seems Google underestimated the demand for the devices. 

While the devices haven't gone on sale in the U.S. quite yet,we're wondering what our European users have been experiencing. What's been YOUR experience attempting to purchase a Nexus from the Google Play Store today? Let us know below!

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  • Darn.... and I was just getting warmed up to the topic.

    Well played sir.
    Well played :)

  • I see what you mean. It's a very good point. *rubs chin*

  • @Briley - not to pick nits but it's $329.00 for the same (at Target) and the people heavily invested in that ecosystem will gladly pay it to keep that tight integration. The lack of integration with Android still bothers me and I'd gladly pay an extra 100 bucks for any Android device if it offered better integration.

    The pay per features ratio barely stands as an argument when I'm about to pay $299 for a Note 2 compared to the $199 an iPhone 5 would cost. The Note has more features but they're making me pay for them. What would the N2 be missing at a $199 price point?

    I guess my larger point is just that every year Android gets more like Apple... and they're given a pass.

  • Almost 12 am! Get ready to start refreshing your window now if you're in the US!

    Cancel that, it's 9AM PST/12PM EST!

  • The Nexus line is successful because it's affordable. Yes there are features taken out, but that's also why there is a price drop. Apple gets bashed because they omit lots of standard features and still charge a premium price for their products. I would much rather pay $149 or $199 for a 7" tablet with no SD slot, than $500 dollars for the same thing. ;)

  • I think there has to be a change from "supply and demand" to "made on demand" (as in made once an order is placed) .... this seems to be working for the Entertainment Industry (CDs - DVDs) as well as Software Industry (direct secure downloads are priced cheaper then purchasing the actual cd-roms) ... & I agree in that there needs to be an SD Card option, 4G lte (with Wifi access), Flash (Adobe) before I will even think about purchasing it ...

    C J

  • I really don't get this Nexus line and the demand at all. Having sat on both sides of the Apple/Android fence I'm amazed at how much demand there is for devices that have the same lack of features that iPhone's have been bashed for from the start.

    No sdcard
    No LTE
    No Flash (granted, it's not just Nexus lacking this)

    These are the big 3 reasons why Apple is Crapple and the users were sheeple. But.... hey, it's Google so it's all good.

    I'll stick with the Note 2 and the Note 10.1 and scratch my head at the Nexus line's success.

  • If you take pre-orders and then sell out, then people will complain that they are waiting for the pre-order and asking why it takes so long.

    If you release a batch and then they all sell out, then you get the headlines about how quickly they sold out, so they must be amazing. I've already read something which said that it was easier to get a Glastonbury ticket than a Nexus 4 in the UK, so the headlines for tomorrow are already written - "Google phone sells out quicker than iPhone" (or similar)

    Having the products sell out also helps stimulate demand - it sold out, so it must be good...

  • Surely it would have made SO much more sense to have been taking pre-orders for the last week or so. Soft-launches must be much less hassle!?!?

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