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Bye Microsoft Edge Browser, hello Chromium

There was a time when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser on the market. But with the appearance of Google's Chrome Browser, things quickly went downhill, so that Microsoft tried in 2015 with Edge a new attempt to establish itself in the browser market. After three years, the attempt to break Google's browser dominance seems to have failed.

The Edge Browser is pre-installed on every Windows 10 PC, but apparently hardly anyone wants to use it, but prefers to rely on Chrome as a window to the World Wide Web. According to reports from Windows Central, Microsoft will now draw the line under Edge when it comes to browsers and instead develop a new browser under the codename Anaheim.

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So long, Edge? / © pexels.com @Uday Krk

This new browser appeared already some time ago in the Chromium project and was attributed at that time to Microsoft's attempt a browser for Windows 10 for ARM. But now the signs indicate that Anaheim is a completely Chromium-based browser. Switching to this render engine also means that Microsoft will not only grab the browser, but also its own render engine called EdgeHTML.

Have you ever used Microsoft's Edge Browser and will you miss it?

Source: Windows Central


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  • AayK 2 months ago Link to comment

    But there is another competitive browser firefox.

  • Awesome info...Thank you for sharing

  • Edge is completely non-accessible. People with disabilities, especially blindness, cannot use it. At my job we all use Firefox because chrome is not particularly compatible with screenreading software either. It sort-of works, but not reliably. Firefox is reliable, and frighteningly so is Internet Explorer.

  • What MS should have done from the beginning is junk Ballmer's bright idea of confining its current browser to the latest version of Windows, so that anybody running anything else will use something else - mainly Google's Chrome, obviously. MS has lost browser market share steadily since and because of that brainless decision. MS finally caved to build Edge for Android and (I think) iOS, but half the planet is using other PC operating systems than Win 10, and won't use a stupid browser that won't run on or sync with their desktop or laptop computers.

    Apart from that, Opera (not Chrome) is the best Chromium-based browser - to be used anonymously, since it's ChiCom owned now. MS should sit respectfully at Opera's feet and take notes on how to design a web interface. (As I wrote elsewhere, I'm actually using the Android Edge - only - as a portal to a OneDrive account and MS Office, Bing Maps and Translate web apps, instead of installing MS's bloated local apps.)