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Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier
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Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier

I don't know about you, but I tend to associate every app with something else the first time I start it up. Upon first loading today's featured app, I couldn't help but think but to that old Apple slogan 'There's An App For That' as well as Windows 8 / the Metro Design.

What's all this about, you ask? Find out more about Call Actions in today's review!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 2.3.0

Features & Use

What makes an app good? Is it that it's somehow very useful, or that it makes life a bit easier, or that it comes with a great design, or that i's easy to use? In the end the answer to this question boils down to personal preferences—it really depends on what kind of user you re and what you are looking for in an application.

Call Actions is the kind of app that will divide the camps because it doesn't really harbour any new functions but rather reiterates other functions via a great UI. For instance upon receiving or missing a call it will display an interface harbouring a number of options and informations. All of said options and infos can be accessed via long click, too. The list of options includes: sending an SMS or email to the number of the caller, provided this caller has included an email address.

Okay, so before you lose interest let me go on to say that of course the developers really seem to have thought about how to simplify certain functions and have come up with some great short cuts. For instance, whenever you miss a call you can set a reminder or write a note. Or else you can do a Google search if you're looking for a number—at least in theory, seeing as this feature caused two of our test devices to crash. We've informed the developers and are now waiting for a bug fix.

Aside from this hiccup the app does provide users with a good number of useful features, including sharing the number via Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp.

I also want to mention that the how-to instructions are very well made. I love a good, easy-to-follow tutorial and Call Actions really delivers in this regard.

A few drawbacks: it isn't possible rearrange the tile layout according to one's own personal preferences, deactivate certain features or activate Call Actions for certain numbers.

Bottom line:

Call Actions is really worth checking out and I'm keeping it on my device for the time being. Whether you need this type of app in your life and on your phone is for you to know. I've found that it really does simplify things for me, so I'm pleased with it.

Screen & Controls

Call Actions runs on Metro Design (Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8), so you might be familiar with the colourful tiles which you can redesign if you so wish.
The graphics and interface are quite nice and have a very tidy kind of appearance, but they're no great feat in graphic design.

Speed & Stability

 Call Actions performs well overall, but because of the the Google search bug we're knocking of a few points.

Price/Performance Ratio

Call Actions can be downloaded for free from the Android Market and the AndroidPIT App Center. The app requires quite a few permissions, but the developers very thoughtfully provide details explanations as to why said permissions are necessary.


Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier Call Actions – Helps Make Life Easier

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