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Camera MX Free – What's new with this popular photo app?
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Camera MX Free – What's new with this popular photo app?

Even those who aren’t super trigger-happy when it comes to taking pictures will have heard of terms like "filters" for photos and "photo editing options". Camera MX Free is a new version of an app we had tested for you a few months ago and it’s still free and free of ads. So what’s new? Find out in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.0 Varies with device

Features & Use

Permissions strike us as being perfectly straightforward.

First impressions of Camera MX Free are good: there are options for checking out and adjusting the settings, accessing online storage or local medias or shooting a picture.

I won’t go into every single effect option and feature as that would take way too long – seeing as there are heaps of FX and things to play around with – but I invite you to simply try it out for yourselves and see which ones you like best (and least).

What sets Camera MX Free apart from the stock camera and other apps?
Well, first of all Camera MX is not a social network, but rather just a photo tool. The big MX bonus is that filters and effects can be viewed “live”, so that you see direct results.
Not all Android smartphones come with this feature, which is where apps such as Camera MX come into play.
The app also brings tons of filers to your device.

Camera MX is fun to use and the quality of images is good—in fact, it is on par with the HTC One X stock camera.

A few drawbacks: the UI feels unintuitive and messy at first. Furthermore, there’s a lot of lagging on the One X when more complex FX are being applied, which shouldn’t be the case on high end newer generation devices such as this one. I’m also not a fan of the camcorder, as there are other preinstalled apps that offer a better service.

But there are also great advantages, as mentioned. For one, I really appreciate the option of editing pics right after shooting them, even with preset filters. Tagging is another option that many users will enjoy and it makes for a great memory aid when viewing older photos.
My personal favourite option is the random filter, because I’m often lacking in inspiration of which filter to apply to a shot and am happy to let chance decide for me. This can even make for a good laugh or a great looking picture if you’re lucky.

Bottom line:

Camera MX Free has gotten even better since its newest release. We appreciate the integration of the online storage option and sharing via social networks. There are still a few glitches here and there, but nothing really dramatic, and overall the app has improved in all areas (controls, design and functionality).

Screen & Controls

Camera MX Free is easy to use, but the whole graphic presentation didn’t impress us.
The app gets jolty when switching between filters and when trying to adjust some of the settings.
That said, the app comes with a few fun features such as a great slideshow and controls that are logical in their own way once you’ve gotten used to them.

Speed & Stability

Camera MX Free could do with some improvements in the speed department. For instance, when you click on the camcorder option nothing happens for a second or two.
Lagging occurred throughout the live mode whilst testing the app on an HTC One X.

On the bright side: the app didn’t crash once.

Price/Performance Ratio

Camera MX Free is free and available from the App Center and Google Play.


Camera MX Free – What's new with this popular photo app? Camera MX Free – What's new with this popular photo app? Camera MX Free – What's new with this popular photo app?

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