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Camera WiFi LiveStream

Camera WiFi LiveStream

The network camera—it can be useful in so many situations. Food is bubbling over in the kitchen? Babies are wreacking havoc in the play pin? It matters not—if you have a network camera.

Camera WiFi LiveStream brings video monitoring to Android. Today’s review lets you know what if it’s any good.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.5.3 1.11.0

Features & Use

Test device: LG Optimus 2x / Speed
Android-Version: 2.3.4
Mods: CyanogenMod

When the app is first started up the IP address, WiFi network and the ports via which the camera runs are displayed. Click ‘Start’ to set the ball rolling—configurations can be made, but I will get into that later on.

Any recordings made by Camera WiFi LiveStream are shown as a slideshow in the main menu.

Hit ‘Start’ to see via which address you can view the stream.
Enter the address in the browser; the picture will be displayed, loading almost immediately (thanks you Java). There is sound, but it lags a bit, meaning that image and sound are not quite synchronized. The volume is displayed graphically in the web interface. The image resolution isn’t very high (320x240), but I am guessing that it should suffice for most requirements.

The display can be dimmed if you are looking to save some energy.

Still shots can be taken via the web interface, but they will have the same (low) resolution as the video stream. It’s also possible to take a photo or video footage in better quality. Select if a photo or video should be taken/shot in the lower part of the web interface. Live stream is not available during the duration of the recording of a video.

The video resolution quality can be made better in the settings, but bear in mind that the stream’s not-in-sync thing will become greater the better the resolution is.

There’s a flashlight button in case you want to shoot something but it don’t have enough light. You can even adorn the display with a password if you want to heighten the security.

The app’s name tells us that Camera WiFi LiveStream can only function if it can access WiFi, meaning I couldn’t use it on the 3G. Streaming videos sucks up quite a lot of juice, so I would recommend recharging your device before using the app.

Bottom line:

Camera WiFi LiveStream runs rather well and does what it promises to do. The not-quite-in-sync is not extreme by any means and the sound quality is good—not even a lot of real network cameras can deliver that much!


Screen & Controls

The UI is well constructed: simple and intuitive. This makes the app easy to use, even for those who don’t have any previous experience, especially seeing as each step is carefully explained along the way.

I like the look of Camera WiFi LiveStream, and the fact that the screen contents during recording time really are just the things that are needed for recording.

Speed & Stability

Camera WiFi LiveStream runs the way you would hope and expect an app that is controlled externally to run: very well. The app didn’t crash or lag during our test runs.

Price/Performance Ratio

Camera WiFi LiveStream costs EUR80 Cents in the App Center and Android Market, which strikes me as a far price for what you’re getting. A free test version is available here.


Camera WiFi LiveStream Camera WiFi LiveStream Camera WiFi LiveStream

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