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Carbon for Android: Hands-On Before Its Big Release

Many Twitter fans have been waiting months for Carbon to make the leap to Android. The app – which built up a very loyal following on WebOS, then Windows Phone – first announced an Android version almost a year ago, but still hasn't shown up in the Google Play Store. The folks at Android Central were nonetheless lucky enough to get their hands on a pre-release version of the app.

In short, it looks VERY nice.

Its simple, clean design is as impressive as its sophisticated functions. The app features a very cool tilting effect you can use on your Twitter timeline, as well as a number of slick ways to Tweet, re-tweet, copy and paste, respond and filter based on keywords or hashtags. Menus pop out from either side, allowing you to search, switch accounts, favorite a tweet or mess around with your settings.

This is undoubtedly the smoothest, slickest Twitter app for Android – which is saying something, since there are a LOT of Twitter apps for Android.

Android Central still won't say when, exactly, the Twitter app will be available for the masses, but they said we should expect it "soon." This makes sense, given the fact that the version AC played around with looks close to finished. The only feature that wasn't working was the "settings" panel.

If you'd like to be the absolute first person to know when Carbon for Android is ready for the masses, you can follow the company on – where else? – Twitter, handle name: @carbonandroid. Word on the street is that the app will be completely free to download.

Very excited about this one...

Source: Android Central


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  • I can care less about what nullnvoid is talking about here. I am just hearing about it and its not that ridiculous for a company working on something to not respond to someone who is angry because their product didnt release when a particular person thinks it should come out. relax. be patient. apps will come. dont waste your time going on different forums to tell people you waited and are now upset. if the app is good use it.

  • its available for me in u.s. on note 2. its pretty cool so far just downloaded it.

  • I hear you. It IS ridiculous.


    The Android community welcomed the Carbon for Android team with open arms and anxiously awaited each update. All of the blogs that managed to get hold of alpha and beta builds said great things about it and said it was "almost ready". Then everything went DEAD SILENT FOR MONTHS. The team refused to respond to anyone on Google+ or Twitter. The updates stopped. We all felt COMPLETELY ABANDONED.

    Falcon Pro came out and it's slick too. We still have Tweetcaster and Plume which are fantastic apps. At this point, most of us who have waited and waited as sick and tired of being totally jerked around. Carbon for Android had just gone afoul and they deserve no downloads from any of us.

    I took the time to register on this site just to post this but I've made my thoughts clear about Carbon for Android on several other blogs and on their G+ page. What they have done is unforgivable...PERIOD.